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Binance, the popular cryptocurrency exchange, is well-known for its willingness to try new things and expand its offerings. The Binance Bitcoin Button and the Binance Wodl games are just two of the exchange’s recent cryptocurrency-earning offerings. Learn and Earn, commonly known as Binance’s quiz product and dubbed “learn,” is among the oldest and most popular, delivering a wide variety of questions to Binance users in order to earn cryptocurrency.


From 7th – 21st Dec 2022, there will be Polymesh quiz Answers in Binance learn & earn. All the information you need regarding the three quizzes is here, including the correct answers.


The Binance Learn and Earn Quiz Answers – Beginner’s Guide have already been published in a single post. Check this too.



What is Binance Learn And Earn Quiz?


With the goal of helping its customers better understand cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies, Binance created the Learn and Earn Program.


Users are encouraged to learn more about crypto by reading articles and watching tutorial videos. And then they’ll use that knowledge to earn cryptocurrency by taking tests.


These have time-sensitive rewards that decrease in value with time. Both of the introductory classes cost 50,000 SHIB and cost half a billion US dollars.






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Binance POLYX Quiz Answers


Q1) What is Polymesh built for?

Answer: Security tokens

Q2) Who are Polymesh’s node operators?

Answer: Regulated financial entities only

Q3) How large is the securities market?

Answer: Hundreds of trillions of dollars

Q4) Can you earn staking rewards with POLYX?

Answer: Yes

Q5) Polymesh falls into which category of blockchain?

Answer: Public permissioned

Q6) How is POLYX classified under Swiss law?

Answer: Utility token

Q7) What consensus mechanism does Polymesh use?

Answer: Proof-of-stake

Q8) What are the key pillars of Polymesh?

Answer: Governance, identity, compliance, confidentiality, settlement

Q9) What are the next steps for Polymesh?

Answer: Stablecoins, MERCAT, Integrations, NFTS

Q10) Polymesh is the blockchain of?

Answer: Making tokenization accessible to institutions



How To Participate in The Binance POLYX Quiz?


1. Open the website or the Binance app and navigate to the quiz page.

Click Here to log in to your account using your email address or mobile number.

3. View films and read articles on the blockchain network POLYX.

4. Finish the examination on December 7 at 9:00 UTC.

5. Within 48 hours, receive a guaranteed  token cash



How To Participate in The Binance POLYX Quiz?



1. Sign up for or log into your Binance account first.

2. Next, go to Binance Academy’s [Learn and Earn] landing page.

3. After choosing a course, click “Start Course.” For learning and to pass the test, adhere to the directions. If you succeed in the test, you will receive a token voucher as payment.

There are answers to the Binance POLYX Learn and Earn Quiz above this page!

4. Click [Reward history] to view the allocation of incentives. Please be aware that if you pass the quiz and are eligible for this campaign, incentives will be sent out within 48 hours.

5. Navigate to [Account] – [Award Center] to redeem the reward.

Please be aware that the token voucher is only good for 14 days after it is given out. Please use the voucher to redeem your tokens before it expires. Here is information about using a voucher.



What is Polymesh?


A layer 1 public permissioned blockchain called Polymesh was created for security tokens, which are virtual contracts for portions of real-world assets.


As a public permissioned blockchain, the network is open to all users. To participate in it, though, you must finish an identity verification procedure. All participants in the chain, including issuers, investors, stakers, and node operators, are subject to this verification procedure.


Particularly, node operators must be authorized and authorized financial entities. This raises network security because these organizations run a higher reputational risk than anonymous individuals.



Market participants can take use of the special advantages of private and permissionless networks thanks to Polymesh, which provides network trust without sacrificing transparency.

called POLYX Smart Chain (BSC, formerly Binance Smart Chain), which operates in tandem with the POLYX Beacon Chain. This means that there are now three distinct POLYX offerings



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