Binance Learn and Earn Quiz Answers – ANKR 


Binance ANKR Quiz Answers: Win free cryptos by participating in the Binance Learn and Earn ANKR Quiz.


Binance ANKR Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to Binance Learn and Earn ANKR Quiz:


Q1. Which of the following best describes Ankr?

Answer: Option B


Q2. What is the utility of the native ANKR token?

Answer: All of the above


Q3. Ankr helps developers access data from blockchains via Remote Procedure Calls (RPCS) and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

Answer: True


Q4. Ankr provides Web3 tools for:

Answer: All of the above


Q5. Ankr Protocol is a marketplace for decentralized node infrastructure

Answer: True


Q6. What is liquid staking?

Answer: Option A


Q7. Ankr has been decentralized since day one.

Answer: False


Q8. Ankr is one of the fastest growing decentralized infrastructure providers.

Answer: True


Q9. Who uses the ANKR token?

Answer: All of the above


Q10. ANKR token holders can vote on the overall direction of Ankr Protocol via Ankr DAO

Answer: True



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How to Participate in Binance Learn & Earn ANKR Quiz 

  • First, update your Binance Appin Play Store to latest version and visit the Binance Learn & earn quiz webpage directly.
  • Login into your Binanceaccount or create an account if you are new user.
  • Go to homepage and click on theLearn & Earn ANKR
  • Start the quiz using the above answerswe provided if needed.


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