00 Token Coinbase Answers: Earn Free $3 00 Token Crypto


00 Token Coinbase Answers: Take the Coinbase Learn and Earn Quiz to win $3 worth of 00 tokens for free.


New Coinbase 00 Token Quiz Answers is live now. You can participate in this new Coinbase quiz and earn free $3 00 tokens.


Coinbase Pools quiz questions will generally be based on the same topic itself and therefore make sure to learn about it through the provided short lessons as well as videos.


This learn and earn free $3 Pools from Coinbase is for a limited time so do not miss this chance to earn $3 in 00 tokens. 00 Token Coinbase Answers are given below.


To participate, you must have a Coinbase account. If you don’t have one then follow our guide by the end of the article to create your own Coinbase account.


00 Token Coinbase Answers

Q1. What is P00LS?

A. A social token platform for fans, artists, creators, and brands

B. An NFT marketplace for artists

C. An e-sports platform for player tokens

D. A decentralized finance protocol

Answer: (A)


Q2. What is the 00 token?

A. The official token of the 00 ecosystem

B. A virtual pass to all your favorite concerts

C. A social token for Evan Mock

D. A cryptocurrency made by a famous artist

Answer: (A)


Q3. How does P00LS connect fans with creators?

A. Giving social token holders their phone number

B. Giving social token holders signed merchandise

C. Inviting social token holders to exclusive events

D. Hosting meet-and-greets just for social token holders

Answer: (A)



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How to Participate in Coinbase 00 Token Quiz Answers?

1.Click here to create your account on Coinbase.


2.Sign up or login to your Coinbase account.


3.Go to learn & earn section from the menu, there you will get all live quizzes.


4.Take the learn & earn 00 Token quiz to earn an assured $3 worth of 00 tokens.


5.Rewards are limited while supplies last and amounts offered for each quiz may vary.


6.Each Coinbase learn and earn quiz can only be participated once, which means that you can only earn rewards once per quiz.


Note: Coinbase Earn Rewards is available for only some countries.


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