5 Best Free Bitcoin Cloud Mining Sites of 2024


Do you want to mine Bitcoin but lack the necessary equipment? Cloud mining for bitcoin is a well-liked method, however there are many dubious websites available. Find out which ones to steer clear of and which Bitcoin cloud mining services are the best in 2024.



With the rise in popularity of cryptocurrencies and the SEC’s recent approval of exchange-traded funds (ETFs), cloud mining has emerged as a desirable way to make passive money every day. Through cloud mining, investors can mine cryptocurrency by renting processing capacity from distant data centres. There are many advantages to this strategy, including lower costs and a lower entrance hurdle in terms of technical expertise.


This post will examine the best cryptocurrency cloud mining systems currently on the market and discuss their salient characteristics. The purpose of this research is to help you choose the platform that best meets your investing requirements. We’ve listed eight of the top platforms below.






5 Best Bitcoin Cloud Mining Platforms


Platform Supported coins Minimum contract duration Payment methods
NGS Crypto Bitcoin 30 days Debit/credit, crypto
Hashsmart Bitcoin 12 months Debit/credit, crypto
Hashing24 Bitcoin 12 months Debit/credit, crypto
ECOS Bitcoin 1 day Debit/credit, crypto
Binance Bitcoin 90 days Debit/credit, crypto





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1. NGS Crypto


Among cryptocurrency cloud mining services, NGS Crypto stands out because to its fixed-rate yearly profits, which range from 6% to 16%. The company was launched in 2018 in Australia.


An assortment of mining packages are offered by NGS Crypto, a company that has received worldwide acclaim for its honest business dealings. Importantly, there are no management fees and the full amount of the members’ initial investments is returned when the subscription period ends. As a trusted and profitable choice, NGS Crypto focuses on blockchain-based digital asset mining and guarantees daily payouts to its users.


When compared to its rivals, NGS Crypto stands out for its superior prospects and strong profits, as well as its clear and secure daily payouts. On the other hand, not all investors see the regulatory system as accommodating their needs. However, for individuals looking for stable returns and diversity in their portfolios through crypto-to-crypto trading, NGS Crypto is still a safe and profitable alternative.






  • Supported currencies: Bitcoin
  • Frequency of Payout: Every day
  • Payment options: Visa and Bitcoin
  • The minimum terms for a contract are $5 and 30 days.











With a focus on Bitcoin cloud mining, Hashmart has grown from its 2018 inception to become a leading cloud mining enterprise based in Cyprus. Hashmart gives investors a lot of leeway to choose how they want their investments to be structured, with 12-month contracts starting at about $26 and open-ended choices.


Transparency and the absence of surprises are achieved by including maintenance expenses in the contract value. Concerns about operational openness may arise, however, because to the vague description of the mining farms’ whereabouts (the “Asian region” being the only option).





  • Supported currencies: Bitcoin
  • Frequency of payout: Every da
  • Payment options: cryptocurrency or debit/credit
  • Requirements for a minimum contract: around $26 and 12 months










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3.Hashing 24



Cloud mining platform Hashing24 is well-known for its exclusive focus on Bitcoin mining. Hashing24 simplifies the evaluation of possible returns with its user-friendly features and displays all contract terms in US dollars or euros. It has active mining farms spanning Canada, Georgia, Norway, and Iceland.


Hashing24 guarantees dependability and integrity as a cloud mining company with over a decade of expertise. Its global scope and diverse operational locations are impressive, with active mining farms in four different nations. However, it seems to limit diversification choices since it solely supports Bitcoin mining and not altcoins.


Users can begin with a minimum investment of approximately $50, and savings are provided for longer commitments. On top of that, you can cash out your earnings at any time thanks to Hashing24’s daily payments and instant withdrawal options.







  • Supported currencies: Bitcoin
  • Frequency of payout: daily
  • Payment options: cryptocurrency or debit/credit cards
  • Minimum terms of the contract: twelve months and about fifty dollars.










Being the first cloud mining company to operate with legal status, ECOS has been a trailblazer in the market since its founding in 2017. Ecos provides a trustworthy and official platform for mining several cryptocurrencies without the requirement for specialised gear, and it has more than 250,000 users.


A variety of mining contracts, investment instruments, and a simplified withdrawal procedure are available to newcomers. Automatic reinvestment of mined coins to maximise returns, real-time monitoring to enhance control, and 24/7 customer assistance to ensure continued support are all features of the platform.





  • Supported currencies: Digital Currency
  • Frequency of Payout: Every day
  • Payment options: Visa and Bitcoin
  • Minimum terms for the contract are $150 and one day.










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5. Binance Cloud Mining


One of the best cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance, also provides cloud mining for Bitcoin. Exclusive 90-day contracts are offered by the site, which specialises on short-term Bitcoin cloud mining. You can set up a Binance account in a matter of minutes, and that’s all you need for the simplified process. Bitcoin cloud mining with Binance is a great way to start mining Bitcoin without any hassle, thanks to their daily payments and renowned ease.


Although Binance is the most user-friendly and trustworthy cryptocurrency exchange, there are a few things to keep in mind when making investment decisions, such as the fact that all information is shown in Bitcoin and that there are minimum criteria and production estimates. Binance, on the other hand, is a great choice for many investors because to its minimal minimum contract requirements and daily rewards.





  • Supported currencies: Bitcoin
  • Frequency of payout: Every day
  • Payment options: P2P deposits, cryptocurrency, and debit/credit
  • Contract minimums: one month and ninety days






What is Cloud Mining?


The ability to mine cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin through the cloud eliminates the need for individuals to own or manage their own mining hardware. Users instead lease mining capacity from businesses that own and run the machines for cryptocurrency. There is no longer any need to acquire high-speed internet, manage electricity, or set up and maintain physical hardware because customers and the corporation split the rewards from mining activities.








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Pros of Cloud Mining


Since the owner is responsible for buying and maintaining the pricey equipment, cloud mining removes this financial burden. Users can participate in mining more widely without directly investing in equipment or energy costs by renting hash power, which gives them access to a share of the farm’s total profits.



Risks of Cloud Mining



There have been reports of fraudulent operations with cryptocurrency due to its high value, which has attracted scammers. Because of their decentralised character, cryptocurrencies run the risk of becoming too centralised if mining becomes more difficult and more miners compete for a limited supply of coins.








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An alternate method of mining cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin cloud mining platforms enable users to take part in operations without owning costly hardware, requiring technical knowledge, or enduring the difficulties that come with home-based mining installations. These platforms bring mining to more people by using cutting-edge tech, renewable energy, and intuitive interfaces. Prospective investors should weigh the features, benefits, and drawbacks of each platform before participating in the top free Bitcoin cloud mining sites. This will help them make well-informed decisions that are in line with their financial objectives and risk tolerance, even though these platforms offer advantages like consistent profits, daily payouts, and eco-friendly practices.








Best Bitcoin Cloud Mining Sites FAQs



1. What is the top website for cloud mining?

Every cloud mining platform has special attributes, benefits, and disadvantages of its own. Popular cloud mining websites include Bitdeer, StormGain, Genesis Mining, HashFlare, NiceHash, Slo Mining, BeMine, and more. When selecting a cloud mining service, it is imperative to conduct extensive research and take into account several criteria like reputation, user reviews, fees, supported cryptocurrencies, payout methods, and transparency. In addition, exercise caution regarding any scams and make sure the platform meets your unique requirements and expectations by doing your research.


2. Is cloud mining profitable?

Cloud mining is profitable, yes. However, a number of factors, including market conditions, mining difficulty, contract terms, maintenance costs, initial investment, and platform stability, affect how profitable cloud mining is. To maximise possible earnings, it’s critical to carefully consider these criteria and select reliable suppliers





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