4 Practical Tips for Futures Trading


Follow these tips to improve your winning rate, so you can trade futures with confidence!


1.Manage your positions with reasonable leverage

BTCC provides leverage of a minimum of 10x to a maximum of 150x. It is crucial to choose the appropriate leverage for your positions. Beginners are recommended to open positions with funds that are 5-10% of their total asset, so as to avoid forced liquidation due to the low margins.



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2.Make good use of stop loss and take profit

Before opening a position, you can set a stop loss and take profit to keep losses within an acceptable range. By doing so, you will also not miss the opportunity to close a position when the profit target is met.

3.Set up trade alerts to stay updated with the market

Make good use of our price alert and market widget tools, so you will never miss the latest updates on the market. Please make sure your phone settings allow you to receive notifications from BTCC and remember to enable the notification settings in the general settings on our app.



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4.Use a demo account to gain experience

Practise trading and improve your performance with a demo account that provides $10,000 virtual funds. By gaining experience and then entering the actual market, you will be able to capture more profit opportunities and reduce unnecessary losses.

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