How does BTCC Work?



The crypto market is expanding at a quick clip as more individuals begin investing their money and discover all of its perks. This indicates that, in addition to the influx of new investors, existing investors continue to seek innovative ways to improve their investing strategies.


Futures have become one of the most popular and potent trading tactics available to cryptocurrency traders. Cryptocurrency futures are enticing because they allow you to obtain greater exposure to your preferred assets.


If you are researching BTCC, you are most likely interested in trading cryptocurrency futures. In this instance, allow us to explain what BTCC is, what it offers, and whether it may be a good fit for you.


About BTCC


BTCC  is a United Kingdom-based cryptocurrency Futures exchange that has been since June 2011, making it one of the oldest platforms in the market.


The exchange focuses on being as user-friendly and transparent as possible in order to fulfill its aim of making crypto-trading fair and trustworthy.


The exchange is registered in the United Kingdom and holds licenses in a number of European nations, Canada, and the United States. This has allowed it to become a popular choice for traders in these jurisdictions, where regulatory compliance is a growing worry for many.

BTCC currently has over 1 million monthly active users and a continuous 24-hour volume of over $5 billion.


Over the past few years, the exchange has continually enhanced the quality of its platform and added new services. The majority of customers prefer the platform due to its liquidity, dependability, user-friendliness, and security.




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The BTCC’s Services


In terms of services, BTCC does not separate out from the competitors because its portfolio is fairly limited.


The services covered by the exchange are, however, provided in an extraordinary manner. The majority of crypto traders have encountered unstable and overly complex interfaces while utilizing features on crypto platforms that attempt to perform everything… This is not the case with BTCC.


Let’s examine what the BTCC has to offer.




Buy Cryptos


BTCC allows its users to purchase cryptocurrencies with fiat dollars. This is done in collaboration with companies such as MoonPay to enable greater flexibility.


The minimum amount required to purchase cryptocurrency is 200 USDT, and doing so is as simple as supplying payment information to any other business.





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Convert Cryptos


Although BTCC is not a cryptocurrency-to-cryptocurrency exchange, the platform allows users to transfer one cryptocurrency into another with ease.


This process is as simple as purchasing or depositing bitcoin if you have no balance, then selecting which currencies will be used for the conversion and the amount.  The coin will be converted immediately and without difficulty.





BTCC Academy


It has become customary for cryptocurrency platforms to provide instructional tools for their customers, and BTCC is no exception.


BTCC Academy


For this reason, the platform has built a tool called BTCC Academy. This forum enables crypto fans of all skill levels to expand their understanding of the crypto and trading markets.


The Academy is packed with helpful instructions and information that is organized by levels, subjects, and other categories, making it easy for anybody to access. Unlike comparable products, BTCC Academy is not restricted to BTCC services, reflecting the platform’s objective.






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Is BTCC Safe?


Despite having existed longer than other crypto sites, BTCC has never experienced a security compromise. This indicates that no data has been exposed, no bitcoin has been taken, and no services have been disrupted due to criminal activity.


Eleven years without such an occurrence should be a credit to the security measures taken by the BTCC.


The platform provides its customers with standard security measures, such as two-factor authentication, email verification, and identity verification, among others.


Combined with the company’s efforts to secure its vital infrastructure in the background, this makes BTCC one of the safest cryptocurrency exchanges in the industry.






BTCC has been a cryptocurrency industry titan for a reason: it excels at what it does. The platform may be limited in terms of features and services, but this should not be an issue for anyone seeking a simplified and incredibly well-designed experience.


This indicates that BTCC is an excellent alternative for anyone wishing to continue or begin their experience with crypto futures. However, if you are searching for a classic spot trading platform, crypto loans, staking, or more diverse services, this is not the platform for you.


Keep an eye on BTCC’s Announcements page for information regarding forthcoming product launches.


There are numerous current campaigns at BTCC. Participants can receive bonuses that can be used to their trading fees. In addition, there is a Mission Centre where players can earn reward points for completing missions on each level. The points can be exchanged for withdrawable U.S. dollars.




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