A Guide to Transfer Your Crypto From CEX.io to BTCC


Are you looking to trade futures on BTCC but don’t have any crypto in your account? Here’s a complete guide on how you can transfer your assets from CEX.io to BTCC.

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Transfer your crypto from CEX.io to BTCC

Step 1. Go to the BTCC app. Tap the Deposit icon.


Step 2. Select the deposit currency. In this case, we will demonstrate how to deposit XRP.


Step 3. Choose the network of your crypto.


Step 4. Just a reminder to make sure you copy both the wallet address and destination tag correctly if you are depositing XRP.


Step 5. Tap the Copy icons to save both the XRP address and the destination tag.


Step 6. Leave the BTCC app for now and open the CEX.io app. Go to the withdrawal page. Tap Add New Address.


Step 7. Create a name for this wallet. You can name it as ‘BTCC’. Then paste the wallet address and the destination tag that you have saved earlier in the corresponding fields.


Step 8. Input the amount for withdrawal. Then select the BTCC wallet. Tap Withdraw.


Step 9. Complete the 2FA verification on the CEX.io app. Then you should see a confirmation showing that your withdrawal request has been accepted. After deducting the commission for withdrawal, an amount of 29.75XRP should be withdrawn and transferred to your BTCC account.


Step 10. Go back to the BTCC app. Go to the Assets page and tap at the top right corner. Voilà! You should be able to see your deposit in your account.

Most withdrawals take place instantly. If you do not see it in your account, please contact our customer service team via Live Chat for assistance.

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