What are Market Makers and Takers?

btcc.comBTCC Support4 months ago

The cryptocurrency market is comprised of makers and takers. Market makers place orders that are added to the order book and not executed immediately. For instance, placing a limit order to sell 1 Bitcoin when the price reaches $50,000. Such orders create liquidity in the market, allowing other traders to buy or sell Bitcoin instantly when conditions are met. Traders who execute buy or sell orders immediately are called takers. In other words, takers are the ones who fulfill the orders created by the makers.



If your order is executed immediately before it goes on the order book, you are a taker.
This applies whether the order is fulfilled partially or fully.


Trades from market orders are always taker transactions because market orders never go on the order book. These trades "take away" volume from the order book, hence they are considered taker trades.




When you place an order that enters the order book, either partially or fully (such as a limit order), any subsequent trades from that order are maker trades.


These orders add volume to the order book, helping in market making, and are thus considered maker trades for any subsequent transactions. However, please note that you can also use limit orders to act as a taker.