How to Correct My Name on the Identity Verification Page

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1. Why Should I Correct My Name on the Identity Verification Page?

During the identity document verification process, there is a small chance that the system may misidentify your name. To prevent any identity issues further down the line, you are recommended to correct the misidentified name to the correct one.


2. How to Correct My Name on the BTCC App

Step 1

On your BTCC app, tap at the top left corner of the Home page to go to the Account Settings page.


Step 2

On the Account Settings page, tap Identity Verification. Under the Personal Information section, you will see the incorrectly identified name. Tap the icon next to it.



Step 3

Please enter the correct name. Please make sure that the name entered is the same as the name on your identity document.

Please note that each user can only correct their name once. Random name corrections will affect your rights to use the BTCC platform.



Step 4

After confirming the correction, your corrected name will be shown on the Identity Verification page.

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3. Name Correction FAQs


Q1. How many times can I correct my name?

Each user is only allowed to correct their name once. Random name corrections will affect users’ rights to use the BTCC platform, so users must ensure that the name correction matches the name on their submitted identity verification document.


Q2. I have completed identity document verification and corrected my name. What should I do next?

After completing identity document verification, you may continue with facial verification, which can further enhance your assets' security and allow you to enjoy more benefits on the BTCC platform.


For a step-by-step guide on completing facial verification, please refer to the article “How to Complete Identity Verification (KYC)".