How to Convert Crypto

btcc.comBTCC Supporta year ago

1. What is BTCC’s Crypto Conversion Feature?

BTCC’s crypto conversion feature allows users to convert between different cryptocurrencies easily. If you would like to convert your crypto assets on BTCC, please follow the guide below.

2. How to Convert Crypto on the BTCC app


Step 1

Tap Convert on the home page.



Step 2

Select your currency and the currency you want to convert to. In the example below, we are converting Bitcoin (BTC) to Tether (USDT). Tap the small grey arrow to switch to other currencies.

Then input the amount you want, or you can easily choose to convert 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100% of the crypto you have by tapping the buttons. The amount available for conversion is shown in the available balance.

Confirm the currencies and amount, and tap Get the latest quote to get a quote of your conversion.


__-__-BTCC______-TC-0721-2.png  __-__-BTCC______-TC-0721-3.png

If the quote is not confirmed within the 10-second time frame, please tap Get the latest quote again to get an updated quote.


Conversion Successful

After a successful conversion, the amount converted will be displayed on the screen. You may go to the Conversion History to check the details of the conversion.

__-__-BTCC______-TC-0721-4.png __-__-BTCC______-TC-0721-5.png



3. Crypto conversion FAQs

Q1: What determines the exchange rate on BTCC?

The exchange rate is calculated based on the market depth at the time of the conversion. Therefore, the conversion amount you will receive is subject to the actual quote.


Q2: How long are the quotes valid for?

Quotes are refreshed every 10 seconds.


Q3: What should I do if I see the warning “Insufficient balance”?

You may make a deposit or purchase more cryptocurrency to reach the required amount for the crypto conversion.