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Market Statistics

Market Cap$80.49M
24h Volume$2.24M
Circulating Amount$1.00B
Price Change (1h)-0.07%
Price Change (24h)-1.58%
Price Change (7 days)-2.97%

About Ultra (UOS)

Ultra describes itself as a blockchain-based, PC game publishing and distribution platform that consists of an ecosystem where gamers can, on top of buying and playing games, resell their used games and items, and earn money through their participation in Ultra. Game developers will benefit from new revenue streams, SDKs, overlay technologies and blockchain tools that power up their games via features like item distribution.

Ultra’s mission is to do away with the current monopoly held by publishing platforms like Steam and provide new opportunities to game developers, players, and influencers. Ultra promises a solution that is more equitable to players and developers alike. Players can benefit from immediately playable games, earn UOS by using the platform, and access platform-exclusive games. At the same time, developers benefit from access to more effective marketing tools and the potential for 20% higher sales revenue.

Ultra has developed its own customized EOSIO blockchain which aims to provide free user account creation and higher transaction throughput through better resource allocation.

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What Makes Ultra Different?

Ultra claims to set itself apart by building a first-class PC game publishing platform that can not only compete with, but also outperform existing solutions. This infrastructure enables a few specific advantages for developers and players that are supposed to help Ultra achieve its goal.

Developers will:

1.Earn 21% more sales revenue while simultaneously benefitting from faster payouts that otherwise take between two and four weeks on established platforms.

2.Receive access to different new business and marketing tools that can open up new revenue opportunities.

3.Be able to leverage referral bonuses and rewards programs specifically built to help them scale their businesses.

Players can benefit from:

1.The option to play a game within minutes of purchasing it thanks to Ultra’s software downloading technology that streams games directly to computers.

2.Earning money through participation in beta tests, advertisements, and game curation.

3.The experience of being part of a community that can open up earning opportunities through referrals.

4.The option of reselling their games while earning UOS in the process.

Ultra’s tech stack allows users to choose whether they want to get rewarded with Ultra coins for watching advertisements on the platform. Ads are displayed in several areas before and after the game, as well as in browser notifications. Thanks to Ultra’s demand-side platform, advertisers can buy impressions from a wide range of publisher sites, allowing them to micro-target players according to different criteria. Publishers can sell impressions through the other side of the platform and optimize their profitability.

Moreover, Ultra offers Ultra Go, its platform companion app that allows players to participate and earn on Ultra from mobile devices. Players can also engage in mining the most profitable altcoins and exchange them automatically for Ultra coins.


Where Can You Buy Ultra (UOS)?

UOS is available on Bitfinex, Bitrue, KuCoin, and ZT.

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