What does vaporware mean?

Car manufacturer General Motors ' plans to develop and sell an electric car were called vaporware by an advocacy group in 2008 and Car and Driver magazine retroactively described the Vector W8 supercar as vaporware in 2017. The term is like a scarlet letter hung around the neck of software developers.

What is vaporware & how does it work?

Vaporware is what happens when a tech company’s concepts, ideas and prototypes don’t become reality. Instead, they disperse into the ether — but their legend lives on. What Is Vaporware? Vaporware is hardware or software that tech companies develop and advertise, but then abandon, never releasing it to the general public.

Is vaporware a technology?

These days the concept of vaporware has moved beyond just tech products; while it’s recently been used in the same breath as AI, those in other industries deploy the term to describe promised stealth fighters or nuclear fusion power plants . Why does vaporware exist?

Why is vaporware a good company?

Vaporware also includes announced products that are never released because of financial problems, or because the industry changes during its development. A company known for vaporware can improve its reputation.