Best Crypto Exchange to Trade with Leverage

03/23/2022By: C, Fiona

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Crypto trading is an ideal trading tool for experienced traders because it allows them to open positions that may be more lucrative than the opportunities they would otherwise have access to. Therefore, the commercial attraction of using leverage for margin crypto trading is obvious.


How to Choose Crypto Exchange to Trade with Leverage?

For those who decide to proceed, the next step will be to choose the best cryptocurrency exchange with leverage. This is not always an easy process, as there are many online cryptocurrency exchanges that offer leveraged operations.

Choosing to trade with the cryptocurrency exchange with the highest leverage is not always the best choice, so some important factors must be considered when choosing a cryptocurrency exchange that also offers margin trading.

The various exchanges available often offer different levels of leverage, with some margin exchanges offering traders up to 100x leverage.

The interest rate offered by a leveraged trade is an additional consideration, and depending on the duration of your position and the leverage, you could end up paying a fairly high rate.

Some cryptocurrency exchanges offer variable rates, including one or two major exchanges in the region, at 3.60% APR and 0.01% daily, which is a good rate for short-term positions.


What is the Best Crypto Exchange to Trade With Leverage?

You can refer to the following  exchanges.



Bybit is one of the most user-friendly crypto exchanges providing leverage to the crypto futures market, including some well-known crypto tokens.

Founded in 2018, Bybit is quickly gaining a foothold among novice. Experienced traders interested in leveraged tokens and crypto trading such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Bybit offers perpetual swaps and crypto futures on a number of popular crypto products that are leveraged up to 100x.



FTX is a dynamic crypto margin trading exchange offering a variety of crypto derivatives.

Launched in 2019 by the founders of Alameda Research, it is currently consistently the top exchange for traders to trade crypto and bitcoin futures with minimal trading fees.

As a margin exchange,  FTX offers over 150 permanent and quarterly futures, leveraged tokens, BTC options to help you speculate and take advantage of any volatility, which is a great achievement in itself.

FTX’s user-friendly interface allows traders to trade all crypto trades on margin with 100X leverage on all popular pairs.



Binance is the most comprehensive cryptocurrency trading platform in the world. Their product range includes all imaginable services around cryptocurrency exchange, trading and making money with cryptocurrencies like through staking or interest accounts. In contrast to most other platforms Binance offers both altcoin exchange AND Bitcoin and altcoin margin trading and cryptocurrency Futures.

Even when it comes to high leverage Futures they have way more trading products than other Bitcoin margin brokers as they have Futures for a range of altcoin like ADA or Link, as you can see in the Futures contracts list above. Trading begins with 20x leverage by default but can get enhanced to up to 125x.

Binance altcoin exchange: More than 80 altcoins can be traded here against USDT or BTC. The trading platform also supports fiat money transfers, but in this case you have to verify your account of course. This is always the case when fiat money is accepted.

Although Binance has already suffered from hacks, the platform is still strong and popular as ever.



BTCC is the world’s longest-running crypto exchange and currently headquartered in the UK. With nearly 10 years of operating history, BTCC is known for its safe and stable, top-end market depth, and as well as faster transaction speed.

BTCC offers up to 150x contract trading. Provide perpetual contracts, weekly contracts, and other contracts. It can provide investors with a variety of contract models.

BTCC is a safe trading platform and ideal partner.


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