What is supducks and how does it work?

SupDucks were created by a number of different people with each person taking up a specific role in helping the project reach the market. SupDucks are built by MegaVoltCorp and the team consists of five people. Franky Aguilar, more commonly known as FrankyNines is a Latin American CryptoArtist and the most widely known founder of the project.

What are supducks NFTS?

SupDucks NFTs are a collection of 10,000 unique hand-drawn avatar-style duck heads. Most NFT projects took inspiration from CryptoPunks, which caused the NFT market to surge, and SupDucks is no exception. However, unlike CryptoPunks, SupDucks tokens have the character elements randomly selected from a collection of hand-drawn features.

What is the supducks utility token?

The first step towards that goal is the launch of the SupDucks utility token, $VOLT. From henceforth, the token will be an integral part of the mechanics that are coming to the SupDuck universe. Upon release, every Genesis SupDuck holder will be able to claim 100 utility tokens per duck. After the initial distribution.

What is duckduckjeep?

#DuckDuckJeep has become a fun game to play with other Jeep enthusiasts around North America - we know, because we are Jeep owners ourselves, since 1992! Below is a collection of fun, affordable ducks for DuckDuckJeep. SALE! - Mystery Surplus Ducks with Mystery Duck Tags