What is an OZM 3?

The OZM-3, OZM-4 and OZM-72 are Russian manufactured bounding mine type anti-personnel mines . They are normally painted olive green, and issued with a spool of tripwires and two green painted wooden or metal stakes for affixing the tripwires.

What does OZM mean?

"ozm" Ounce mass (avoirdupois), exactly 1/16 of an international pound mass (avoirdupois) (see “oz” for fluid ounce) "sg" Slug; 32.174 international pound mass (avoirdupois) "u"* U (atomic mass unit) "uk_ton"or "LTON"("brton") Imperial ton, aka “long ton”, "deadweight ton", or "weight ton". 2240 lbm. Power "HP"("h")

What is Oum?

Oceania University of Medicine ( OUM) is a Samoan-chartered medical school operated through a public-private partnership between the Government of Samoa and e-Medical Education, LLC, a Florida-based company. The OUM curriculum is divided into two phases: preclinical and clinical.