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What is fidelity advantage bitcoin ETF?

Each eligible trading platform used in the calculation of the Fidelity Bitcoin Index maintains appropriate know-your-client policies and procedures and complies with anti-money laundering regulations. Fidelity Advantage Bitcoin ETF aims to invest in bitcoin. Fidelity Advantage Bitcoin ETF Fund invests in Fidelity Advantage Bitcoin ETF.

What is the fidelity ETF?

The ETF invests directly in bitcoin, with the security of Fidelity’s in-house storage services. Provides exposure to one of the world’s most valuable virtual currencies. Cryptocurrencies have historically demonstrated high volatility. The hypothetical estimated ETF MER cap is 0.95%, which may change without notice.

What is the fidelity Index Committee?

The Fidelity Index Committee reviews the Fidelity Bitcoin Index semi-annually for possible updates as a result of the maturation of the digital assets industry.

How often does fidelity evaluate digital asset trading platforms?

In addition, the Fidelity Index Committee and the Fidelity Digital Asset Services Advisory Committee evaluate semi-annually all U.S. digital asset trading platforms and/or regulated digital asset trading platforms and may change the eligible trading platforms at that time or during market disruptions when a trading platform review is warranted.

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