What is ezppfarm?

EZPPFarm We are an osu! private server featuring vanilla, relax, autopilot osu!, integrated into a single server; Each style with it's own individual PP system, PP & score sorted leaderboards, fully- functioning multiplayer, spectator mode and a massive dedicated community between both our osu! and discord servers. Sign UpLogin

What is ezpp?

ezpp! is a browser extension that allows you to calculate pp values for a beatmap without manually downloading the beatmap. All translation efforts are warmly welcome! The base English translations can be found here.

What is OSU ezpp?

osu! ezpp! - a browser extension for calculating pp! Hello! Last weekend I released a browser extension which allows one to calculate the pp values for a beatmap directly on the beatmap's page. I initially posted this on reddit and it got a great response, so I decided to post it here too.