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How to buy ENS domain name?

ENS domains are a blockchain version whereby you can use an ENS name instead of a complicated string of characters and letters. To buy a ENS domain name, use Ethereum Name Service, Unstoppable Domains or MyEtherWallet. On first glance, buying an ENS domain name looks cheaper than a .com.

What is ENS & how does it work?

What is ENS? ENS is the Ethereum equivalent of DNS, the Ethereum Name service. Like DNS, ENS connects difficult to remember and read wallet addresses with simple, readable names. Initially, you might have wondered why I talk so long about DNS, but hey, didn't it make it a lot easier to grasp what ENS does?

What should I do with en?

The best thing to do with ENS is to replace your long, unreadable Ethereum address with a friendly, memorable ENS address such as realsatoshi.eth. This makes it easier to receive crypto assets as well as enter your ENS address into Ethereum dapps without needing to copy and paste the long public address.

What does ICANN do?

ICANN assigns IP addresses, runs accreditation systems, and maintains a centralized database of all domain names and their corresponding IP addresses. As the governing body over website domains, there are two main types of domains, or TLDs, that ICANN recognizes:

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