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What is the difference between CN22 and CN23?

The CN22 form contains less detail than the CN23, so it is easier to fill out. It can be printed as a sticker and placed alongside the shipping address on the parcel. This is what the CN22 form looks like: If you are shipping a small parcel internationally from inside the UK, this is the form you will have to fill out.

What is a CN23 & CN22 customs form?

The CN23 is a customs form used when sending gifts and goods abroad worth more than £270 with Royal Mail. It contains more details than the CN22 forms, like licence and certificate numbers and information on whereas the products are subject to quarantine, sanitary or phytosanitary inspections.

Where can I get a CN22 & CN23 form?

These forms are available for you to download on the website of the national postal service in your country. If you are using a private courier, visit their online forms library or request the forms from their customer support department. Who has to fill out a CN22 or CN23 form? The shipper.

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