What is CAD?

The answer to '' is that it's an acronym for Computer-Aided Design. It's a process using computers to assist in the design of various structures and products, from commercial products to buildings.

What is computer aided design (CAD) software?

Computer-aided design (CAD) software is an important component of planning and design. Learning how to use it and interpret documents created with it can be beneficial in many fields and industries. Understanding the value of this software may also help you determine if learning how to use it can advance your career.

What is CAM & CAD?

The combination of CAD and CAM allows for simplified, efficient realisation of a physical product. The CAM processes can produce physical, real-world objects from the CAD design input. It does this in a way that's far easier, less expensive and less time-consuming than traditional manufacturing methods.

Why do architects use CAD?

Architecture is heavily reliant on the creation of complex yet highly accurate drawings and models, so CAD is an invaluable tool to architects. CAD is also useful to architects as certain software, like Revit and ArchiCAD, use BIM workflows to improve productivity.