Shibarium to Be Released This Week – Will Shiba Inu Price Hit $0,01?


The Shiba Inu (SHIB) community is in luck this week. After months of waiting, the launch of Shibarium appears to be just around the corner. According to multiple sources, the release date for the layer 2 scaling solution has been unveiled.


According to a recent tweet from a popular cryptocurrency YouTuber, the launch of Shibarium beta is scheduled for next week. This means that Shibarium could go live between February 27th and March 5th. The update came from Crypto YouTuber YourPop, who shared the news to his 189,000 followers. He revealed in a recent tweet:


“To the SHIB community, Shytoshi just stated that the Shibarium beta should be live next week!!!!! Kaal is back in action!!!!!!!!!!!!”


Shibarium is going live very soon, confirmed Shiba Inu’s lead developer

The tweet has elicited excitement from a large number of Shiba Inu supporters. Meanwhile, some are skeptical and have questioned the credibility of the source of the information.


One user insisted that it was unwise to take the original tweet seriously, as there is little to no official information confirming the statement. “The release of SHIBARIUM will certainly not be announced by a youtuber.” He added.


However, in a response tweet, the lead Shiba Inu developer has put forward a statement that seems to back up the YouTuber’s initial tweet. In what looks like a confirmation tweet, Shytoshi Kusama, the lead Shiba Inu developer said “Wen he is right you owe him an apology.”


Additionally, JD’s Updates, the founder of PawZone and admin of the official Shibarium Telegram group confirmed the news in his own tweet. “Shibarium beta should be releasing next week ShibArmy. Let the show begin.” He wrote.


The Shiba Inu market is poised to experience a bullish run due to the upgrade. As many analysts in the market have pointed out, SHIB coin price is likely to react positively to the Shibarium launch, with an increase in price value.



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