Terra LUNA Classic Price Spiked on LUNC Staking, New Governance Alert Bot Launched


LUNA Classic price spiked last week as the community enabled LUNC staking, with over $100 bn LUNC staked in only 6 hours.


Quick Takeaways

  • Community members can use the new lunched Governance Alert Bot toaccess regular updates.
  • The LUNC price spiked last week when the company enabled LUNC staking.


On Monday, embattled blockchain platform Terra announced the creation of a new Governance Alert Bot to keep the community informed of all current governance operations related to Terra. In the meantime, as events around Terra and Terra Classic continue, demand for LUNA and LUNA Classic (LUNC) has increased, driving up their prices.


On August 29, Terra tweeted a new Governance Alert Bot that will notify the Terra community of governance activities related to Terra (LUNA).


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LUNC Staking: Don’t Miss Any Updates

The bot will notify users when content is posted to Agora’s Governance and Proposals forums. In addition, the bot alerts users when new proposals are added to the voting period, when there are less than 48 hours to vote, and when voting sessions end.


Community members can use the bot function and receive regular updates on Terra proposals and debates by following the Twitter account “Terra Governance Alerts” or joining the Governance Alerts channel on Telegram.


The value of individual LUNA tokens has risen. The LUNC price has skyrocketed since the company started enabling LUNC staking last week. Interest in LUNC staking is increasing as over $100 bn of LUNC were staked in only 6 hours.


Furthermore, the value of LUNC has risen by over 40% in the last week. Besides, the community-supported burning of LUNC tokens has also contributed to the upward pressure on the price.


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