Galaxis Launches A NFT Toolkit to Allow Users to Create NFTs


Galaxis, a digital incubation platform, has unveiled a NFT toolkit that allows non-technical users to seamlessly create dynamic utility-driven NFTs and manage their communities in a secure token-gated environment.


In a November 28 press release, Galaxis confirmed launching the NFT toolkit for creating NFTs and managing decentralized communities. The new invitation-only cutting-edge will allow users to design and develop new NFTs.


Overview of Galaxis NFT Toolkit

The Galaxis NFT toolkit is a protocol to transform and enhance the relationship between creators and their communities. The new toolkit infuses NFT with unique utility traits, owner benefits, and interactive communication opportunities.


Galaxis NFT toolkit is a zero-fee platform providing a complete suite of decentralized community tools that will allow anyone to grow, engage and monetize their audience. While commenting about the new device, Andras Kristof, the Founder of Galaxis, explained:


“We look forward to seeing the amazing communities that people build using the platform. As well as the creative ways in which they decide to use NFTs to engage them.”



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Previous NFTs of Galaxis

Previously, Galaxis has used the new NFT creation functionality to unleash successful projects with notable celebrities, including Val Kilmer, Mike Tyson, and Steve Aoki. Kristof further added:


“We’ve already seen several well-known celebrities successfully use the platform, and we expect that more and more will come in as the project continues to gain momentum.”


According to Kristof, the new toolkit will open up many opportunities among entertainers, athletes, celebrities, and fans; art creators, museums, collectors, and patrons; startups and their contributors; social causes and supporters.


Galaxis has revealed on-boarding other notable blockchain protocols such as Chainlink, Crossmint, Polygon, and Ethereum Name Service (ENS) to strengthen the platform’s NFT creation capabilities.


In the meantime, the new NFT toolkit will be run for selected projects in the near future. According to the announcement, Galaxis will host a beta release of the new NFT toolkit on December 1, 2022.


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