FTX Creditors List: Who FTX Owes Money to?


FTX has released a list of its top creditors on January 25, but has kept the identities of more than 9.6 million users confidential under the new court order. The list comprises of some major names, including U.S. government agencies, media outlets, top banks, charitable foundations, law firms, marketing agencies and even international government agencies, which highlights the far-reaching impact of FTX’s bankruptcy.


How much money does FTX owe in total?

FTX has previously disclosed that it has debts of over $3 billion to its creditors. The initial filing of the top 50 unsecured creditors did not reveal the identities of the creditors. However, the filing revealed that the largest unsecured creditor is seeking over $226 million in unpaid debts from FTX, and the second largest is claiming over $203 million. A recent filing has now unveiled some notable names among the creditors.



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FTX creditors include tech giants like Google, Amazon, and Meta

According to a recent filing, several notable companies, including Google, Ant Group, Meta, Amazon, Netflix, Apple, LinkedIn and are listed as creditors of FTX. Additionally, media outlets like the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Finance, Coindesk, Condé Nast and Benzinga are also included on the list. However, the filing did not disclose the amount of debt owed to each individual creditor.


FTX’s financial troubles have had a significant ripple effect throughout the cryptocurrency industry. A number of prominent crypto companies are included among FTX’s creditors, including Galaxy Digital, Coinbase, Binance Capital Management and Circle. Other crypto exchanges like Bitgo Prime, and Polygon Network and AAX also appear on the list.


Notably, FTX also owes money to many cryptocurrency firms that have previously declared bankruptcy, such as Genesis Global, Voyager Digital and Blockfi. Nansen, TRM Labs and Chainalysis are listed as creditors of FTX.


FTX also owes money to US government agencies

The recent filing of FTX reveals that various state Departments of Revenue in the United States are listed as creditors, including those from states such as Texas, Minnesota, California and Connecticut. Additionally, the U.S. Secretary of State for states such as Colorado, California, Arkansas, Delaware, Alabama, and more are also on the creditors list.


Other U.S government agencies like the Connecticut Department of Banking, the Alabama Securities Commission, Arizona Department of Insurance and Financial Institutions, and Arkansas Securities Department are also listed as creditors. Notably, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) are also among FTX’s creditors.



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FTX creditors also include top banks and financial institutions

And now that FTX’s creditors list has been made public, showing that the company owes money to a wide range of creditors including top banks and financial institutions. Among the banks listed as creditors are the Commercial Bank of Dubai, Silvergate, Citi Group, JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Bank of Cyprus, and DBS Bank


In addition, investment firms such as BlackRock, Sequoia Capital, Pantera Capital are also listed as creditors. The list also includes airlines, luxury hotel and food delivery services, including names like Airbnb, Grand Hyatt, American Airlines, AC Hotels by Marriott, Alaska Air, private jet firm British Air, Uber Eats, DoorDash and Apollo Jets.



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