Battle Infinity Will Reveal the First Exchange Listing Dates


Today marks the official debut of Battle Infinity’s listing schedule on major exchanges.

Despite being a new venture, Battle Infinity has experienced rapid expansion. Sixty-six days before its deadline, the presale for the fantasy sports metaverse project reached its hard cap. Within the first day of the presale, half of the tokens were bought. Project next steps include listing on both centralized exchanges (CEXs) and decentralized exchanges (DEXs).

The Battle Infinity Team has Announced They Would be Listing on Exchanges

IBAT has announced on its Telegram channel that it will give further information about its upcoming listing on PancakeSwap on August 10. The most popular decentralized marketplace is PancakeSwap.

With over 17,000 active users, the IBAT community on Telegram is continually expanding. This is the most efficient means for members to keep abreast of project updates.

The IBAT Telegram groups will announce the listing date, listing price for IBAT tokens, and other information for investors to purchase IBAT on PancakeSwap.

Anyone who wasn’t able to participate in the IBAT presale will be able to make a purchase after the listing goes live. The overwhelming demand for IBAT during the presale suggests that the token will do well on PancakeSwap, one of the top DeFi exchanges.

In addition, IBAT anticipates becoming listed on major bourses (CEXs). Investors will be kept abreast of developments concerning CEX listings and the rest of its strategic plan. The IBAT Telegram channel is where we will be disseminating these updates. According to BscScan, the number of wallet addresses that contain Battle Infinity’s native token is presently at 5026.


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Ecosystem Development in Battle Infinity

Battle Swap, IBAT’s in-house decentralized exchange, will be implemented after the platform’s launch. Without the need for intermediary services like PancakeSwap, this DEX will allow players to trade in-game cash and the IBAT token for other cryptocurrencies.

The IBAT crew also announced that they will have an AMA session. As part of the event, members of the crypto community will be introduced to the Battle Infinity ecosystem. The organization also intends to use interviews and social media events to spread the word about the initiative.

August 8 saw Global Crypto World’s most recent Ask Me Anything session on Telegram. Battle infinite AMAs are especially engaging since they always have a little gift in the form of a reward of $20, split among the top five voice chat participants.

Battle Infinity is a strong initiative that has already achieved success, and it has the potential to see much greater returns as a result of its concentration on the blockchain gaming and metaverse sector. IBAT will gain a sizable portion of the anticipated enormous eventual valuation of the metaverse market.

One of Battle Infinity’s selling points is the team’s attention to detail concerning player safety. Battle Infinity has been audited by Solid Proof and validated by CoinSniper for KYC/AML compliance.

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