Battle Infinity (IBAT) Price Forecast: How IBAT May Explode and Bring 100x Gains

07/29/2022By: C, Fiona

In the past year, the prevalence of “play to earn” gaming sites has skyrocketed. Some of these platforms, however, become obsolete a number of years after their initial release because their business models are not sustainable.

The fundamental and sustainable undertakings, however, have a chance to be truly transformative. There has been a lot of buzz about Battle Infinity, a blockchain-based game platform that debuted in 2020. The Battle Infinity ecosystem’s native token, IBAT, is presently being sold at a pre-sale.

A look into Battle Infinity (IBAT)

Users of Battle Infinity, a blockchain-based game platform, can partake in a wide variety of fantasy sports. Non-fungible tokens, the metaverse, and blockchain technology are just a few of the Web3 ideas that have been included into Battle Infinity.

The IBAT Premier League is an integral part of the Battle Infinity ecosystem. The league facilitates the incorporation of fantasy sports by letting participants assemble their own teams from among the participating athletes. Within the game, the players are portrayed by NFTs. In exchange for real money, players can trade these players for a passive revenue stream.

As a result of participating in fantasy sports, fans feel more connected to their favorite athletes and are more likely to follow their real-life exploits. Professional athletes from the real world compete in the IBAT Premier League. These athletes’ actual performances outside of the IBAT League will determine how well they do in that competition.

If an athlete does well in the real world, it will help his or her league standing. The squad with the most points at the end of the season is the victor.

Battle Infinity’s main attraction is not limited to the IBAT League alone. The top DeFi marketplaces will compete with one another on the platform, which features the Battle Swap marketplace. By using Battle Swap, players can purchase IBAT tokens and exchange them for other cryptocurrencies. Non-fungible tokens can be bought and sold within the ecosystem’s marketplace.

Open IBAT Pre-sale

On July 11th, we began our pre-sale of IBAT. Suresh Joshi, a co-founder of the initiative, said at the launch that IBAT token investors may see returns of 100 times their initial investment.

There is a fixed limit of 16,500 BNB for the IBAT presale. The presale ended after 72 hours, having collected 500 BNB tokens. Even before the formal marketing campaign has begun, the presale is building up steam, and therefore raising $110,000 in three days is no small feat.

There will be a 90-day window for the presale. However, judging by the strong beginning, the presale’s capped tokens may soon be exhausted, and the event may end earlier than expected. This action is illustrative of a plausible scenario in which the token will be profitable.

The Unique Features of Battle Infinity (IBAT)

The big attack on Axie Infinity’s Ronin Bridge earlier this year shook investor trust in play-to-earn ecosystems. More than $600 million was stolen, raising issues about the security approaches adopted by P2E protocols.

Battle Infinity features a novel perspective on reliability. Players in the bitcoin sector place a high premium on trust, hence Battle Infinity has taken the proactive step of ensuring it complies with all applicable laws and regulations.

CoinSniper, a market leader in compliance and risk analysis, has validated Battle Infinity as safe to use. IBAT places a premium on openness, as evidenced by its provision of a thorough audit of its processes. Both Battle Infinity and IBAT pass muster according to the audit, compliance, and risk assessment report.

IBAT is entering a market that has seen significant growth in interest over the previous 12 months. DappRadar information reveals that among blockchain accounts, gaming accounts have the highest activity (DApps). Furthermore, the crypto gaming industry has been hit the least by the recent market drop.

The entirety of the metaverse has an optimistic side as well. McKinsey released a research last month projecting the metaverse’s valuation to reach $5 trillion. The solid foundations of Battle Infinity could allow it to capture a sizable portion of this value.

The fact that IBAT was originally developed in India is yet another compelling argument in its favor. Changes in India have made the country a technological hub. The country is home to some of the world’s most innovative blockchain initiatives, like Polygon. Battle Infinity has a leg up on the competition because to India’s plethora of youthful, tech-savvy investors.