Where to Buy Kiba Inu Coin And How-to Guide


While popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether have offered substantial gains over the past decade, inventors are also looking for new promising altcoins to invest in. Kiba Inu (KIBA) is a relatively new (late 2021) meme token that acts as the native cryptocurrency for decentralized Exchange (DEX) KibaSwap. This guide shows users how and where to buy Kiba Inu coin, as well as a Kiba Inu price prediction. We also explore whether it is a good investment.


A Quick Guide on How to Buy Kiba Inu Coin 

Below are quick steps to buy Kiba Inu on MEXC – KIBA is not yet listed at major crypto exchanges.


  • Register an account on MEXC – Users can get started with the account creation process by downloading the MEXC application and beginning the registration process.
  • Complete the Authentication Process – Investors must now verify their accounts by providing a valid email address and phone number. Afterwards, users can access the account and click on “Authentication” to complete the KYC process.
  • Search for Kiba Inu – Tocontinue, users can now search for “Kiba Inu” on the navigation bar.
  • Purchase Kiba Inu – MEXC will show users the available payment methods, which may vary by locations. Selecta preferred payment option, enter the investment amount, and verify the trade.



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Where to Buy Kiba Inu Coin (KIBA)

Now that users know where to invest in Kiba Inu, the next step is to create an exchange account and check out the fees, its trading features, and more. Below we review the best exchanges to invest in Kiba Inu.


MEXC: Best Crypto Exchange to Invest in Kiba Inu

MEXC Global is a popular cryptocurrency exchange with more than 7 million users located in 70+ countries. This platform allows users to begin trading in more than 200 cryptocurrencies via its website or mobile app.


Users can diversify their assets and buy Bitcoin, Ether and other popular cryptocurrencies with Kiba Inu. In addition, users can invest in MX tokens – the cryptocurrency native to the MEXC exchange. MX is a decentralized digital asset that powers the MEXC community and ecosystem. The platform offers unique features, such as Launchpad, which allows users to invest in new tokens prior to launch.


In addition, users can access hundreds of trading pairs on exchanges and margin trading options, futures markets and even crypto ETFs.


With MEXC exchange, users can even access staking options to earn interest on their holdings. For example, tokens like BTC can be staked for up to 4% APY (annual percentage yield). In terms of fees, MEXC applies a maker/taker pricing model – starting at 0.2% per transaction.


A Brief Glance at Kiba Inu

One of the biggest revelations in the cryptocurrency industry is the explosion of the price of the best meme coins from 2020 onwards. While popular tokens like dogcoin have offered amazing returns, users are looking for tokens with great return potential and multiple use cases.


Kiba Inu is an upcoming meme token designed to provide utility to its community and its decentralized exchange, KibaSwap. kiba Inu aims to “restore integrity to the meme space” by providing users with a DEX that is easy to use and caters to a broad user base.


Importantly, the $Kiba token is an anime-centred meme coin named after the popular character Kiba Inuzuka from the Naruto series. Along with KibaSwap, Kiba Inu will be used for the ecosystem’s upcoming NFT marketplace, GameFi platform, and more.


Kiba Inu is built on the Ethereum network with a maximum supply of 1 trillion tokens.



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Is Kiba Inu Coin a Great Investment for Long Term?

Before buying any digital asset, it is important to make sure that the user sees some potential for a long-term investment. Therefore, the following section will provide users with key findings about Kiba Inu and future projects to see if it can be a good investment.


Supports for Multi-Chain Operation 

Kibaswap is a multi-chain operable DEX – supporting investors on the Ethereum network and the Binance Smart Chain. This can be achieved through the Kiba bridge – which acts as a bridge between the two blockchains. Using Kibaswap, users can connect their crypto-wallets to DEX and exchange their assets with Kiba Inu and other cryptocurrencies.


Moreover, the ecosystem offers Flooz Trade, which allows users to connect wallets and buy tokens directly with fiat currency.


Promotes Long-Term Token Holding

Due to the high volatility experienced by multiple meme tokens as a result of ongoing buying and selling pressure, Kiba Inu has developed a protocol to promote long-term token holding. After purchasing Kiba Inu, a sales tax of 26% will be charged for the first 24 hours.


After that, the tax rate drops to 10%. This will stop regular buying and selling and may eventually create uncertainty in the price of Kiba Inu.


Uses Web3 Protocols

In addition to the DEX that Kiba Inu runs on, the developers have a long-term plan by leveraging several Web 3.0 protocols. First, Kiba Inu will be used as a native token for the project’s upcoming NFT marketplace.


In addition, the Kiba ecosystem is developing a GameFi platform that will allow users to participate in multiple games using Kiba and other playable characters. If these platforms increase user adoption, it could reflect future increases in Kiba dog prices.


One-Cent Cryptocurrency to Promote Diversity

While bitcoin and ethereum are some of the largest digital assets, users may want to invest in new and affordable tokens for substantial gains. Kiba Inu is a great diversification opportunity because it is a penny token – trading at less than 1 cent.


While new projects may attract higher risk, they may lead to higher profits in the future.


Strong Social Media Marketing Brand And Community

In the past, we have seen a connection between social media marketing and cryptocurrency success. For example, Dogcoin gained upward momentum more than once thanks to mentions from Tesla CEO Elon Musk, but then the weight of his tweets dropped.


Kiba developers are looking to grow a strong social media brand and community over the long term. The project has a giveaway program for certain milestones. Kiba Inu will give 5 free ETH after the project reaches a 50m market cap. Rewards go to 100 ETH.


Over time, Kiba has been increasing its Twitter and Telegram followers. Currently, Kiba Inu has over 20,000 Twitter followers and over 400 members on its Telegram channel. According to LunarCrush, Kiba Inu is the second most popular meme coin on the BNB chain in terms of social engagement, with Baby Doge Coin ranking first.


Kiba Inu (KIBA) Price

Kiba Inu is an ERC 20 protocol with a total supply of 1 trillion tokens. The token starts trading at the end of 2021 with a price of $0.0000039 per token. $Kiba reached a record high of $0.00009111 on November 29, 2021. This represents a 2,236% increase in price.


However, the price of Kiba Inu corrected to an all-time low of $0.000000093 in March 2022.

The current price of Kiba Inu is $0.0000079 per token.


As a relatively new token, Kiba Inu has experienced volatility throughout 2022 following the collapse of the broader crypto market. However, users who believe in the long-term future of the project can purchase Kiba Inu at a price 90% lower than ATH.



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Kiba Inu Coin Price Forecast

Similar to our dogcoin price predictions, predicting the long-term price of meme tokens and newly launched platform’s can be difficult to navigate. Therefore, Kiba Inu price predictions are not indicative of future profits or outcomes. However, we performed a technical analysis to gauge the potential price level of the popular tokens.


The chart below shows that $0.000010 has acted as a key resistance point over the past few months. Kiba Inu traded sideways at this level in early June and again in July 2022. Currently, Kiba is trading 42% below this level.

As a result, users will be looking for the token to break through resistance points and ensure a short-term price increase. However, the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies are critical to long-term profits.


In the case of Kiba Inu, the cryptocurrency is intended to be a multipurpose token. The token supports Kibaswap and will be deployed on the Kiba NFT marketplace and the GameFi platform in the future. According to the Kiba whitepaper, the platform is planned to launch on centralized exchanges (CEX) and hard advertising campaigns.


If the platform successfully integrates these projects, the token has the potential to reach the previous ATH of $0.00009 and beyond. Currently, Kiba is 91% below this level.


In Summary

This guide reviews the price history of Kiba Inu, major features, how and where to buy Kiba Inu tokens and analyzes potential price predictions for KIBA. Please always do your own research before investing.



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Frequent Asked Questions

How much is Kiba Inu token worth?

Currently, Kiba Inu is priced at $0.0000079 per token. It is 91% lower than the $0.00009111 ATH.


Will Kiba Inu rise?

As a volatile new cryptocurrency, it is hard to predict the future price of Kiba Inu. Currently, the price level of $0.000010 could be a resistance point for the token. Kiba Inu is 40% below this level.


How to get Kiba Inu?

Users can buy Kiba Inu through Crypto.com, a leading cryptocurrency exchange. Create an account at Crypto.com and complete the verification process to get started. Users can then enter their payment details, select the number of tokens to buy and validate the trade.


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