What is Battle Infinity (IBAT) Crypto? -Guide For Dummies

08/10/2022By: C, Fiona

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For $IBAT tokens, Battle Infinity users can purchase new in-game tools.

Battle Infinity is the latest addition to a growing collection of NFT mobile games that aims to reshape the genre of NFT mobile games.

In order to gain IBAT, a native token that can be used for a variety of real-world purposes, players in Battle Infinity must find new teams and play in many P2E sports games.

The game has already made headlines as a new NFT project aimed at attracting more users and creating important use cases for IBAT tokens. Let’s see what the appeal of this game is.

Battle Infinity (IBAT), Explained

New blockchain gaming platform Battle infinite hosts various play-to-earn NFT games based on the Axie Infinity gaming paradigm. Metaverse, NFTs, and crypto all come together in this game to provide players a unique gaming experience.

It was built as a fantasy sports blockchain game, allowing participants to compete against each other in a range of virtual sports events like as cricket and football.

There are six goods in the Battle Infinity ecosystem that will be released in the future as part of the platform. Among these are Battle Swap, Battle Market, Battle Games, Battle Arena, Battle Stake, and the International Battle Arena Tournament (IBAT Premier League).



To exchange native tokens, players will make use of IBAT’s DEX, Battle Swap. The Battle Market, a place where IBAT players can buy in-game equipment, avatars, weapons, and products, is also accessible.

Additionally, Battle Arena and Battle Games are available to players, allowing them to explore the in-game metaverse and interact with other players, as well as allowing them to play NFT games.

Battle infinite also touts its Battle Stake feature as a paid feature. Users will be able to make additional money by staking their IBAT tokens this way.

In addition, the IBAT Premier League gives these gamers the chance to create and manage virtual gaming teams that will engage in combat with other opposing teams in the game. Those who wish to participate in the competition will need to acquire an NFT pass, which will provide them with a budget with which to form and manage their teams.

However, none of these items have really gone into production yet. The Roadmap for Battle Infinity has them spaced out.

Battle Infinity (IBAT)’s Planned Roadmap

Battle Infinity is now in Phase 3, and Phase 4 will feature the full launch of the Battle Swap mainnet and the debut of the Battle Market. Phase 5 will see the launch of the Battle Game, followed by Phase 6’s Battle Arena.

However, there are no more specific dates listed on the Battle Infinity plan. As a result, there’s no idea when it might go live. As soon as new dates are confirmed, we’ll post them here.

How to Purchase Battle Infinity (IBAT)

Users can currently purchase 166,666.66 IBAT for one BNB during the pre-sale phase of the game. Assuming the current BNB price is $0.0018, the cost of 1 IBAT is $0.000001. Pre-sale prices are not indicative of the final cost.

Players can only purchase IBAT on the Battle Infinity website while it is still in the presale phase. Although the presale has now sold out, it has raised a total of 16530.67 BNB, which is worth a total of $5.22 million.

Tokenomics estimates that there are 10 billion IBAT in circulation.

Play-to-earn titles like Battle Infinity are already oversaturated on the market. There will be even more competition in the crypto game market in 2022, when projects like Illuvium and Shiba Eternity go live.