The Best India Crypto- IBAT Has Gathered an All-Star Cast


Irfan Pathan, a legend of Indian cricket, and Urvashi Rautela, a star of Bollywood, both endorse IBAT, making it the most talked-about cryptocurrency in the country.

Battle Infinity, a forthcoming NFT-based metaverse game, will have its native coin, IBAT, and rewards token listed on PancakeSwap this Wednesday, August 17th, at 16:00 UTC.

IBAT: The Best India Crypto

While IBAT is widely considered to be India’s premier cryptocurrency, MATIC, founded by Sandeep Nailwal and ranking as the industry’s fourteenth largest cryptocurrency asset by market cap, presents a formidable challenge.

As a result, Sandeep and his fellow Polygon co-founders Jaynti Kanani and Anurag Arjun are not only among the most accomplished crypto coders and developers to emerge from India, but from anywhere in the globe.

IBAT is one of the most talked-about tokens in India’s cryptocurrency market right now, and it aims to follow in their footsteps. This week, the project’s official Telegram shared a screenshot from India’s Twitter trends, which showed that the phrase “IBAT PancakeSwap in 2 days” was trending.

Video messages from Irfan Pathan and Urvashi Rautela, showing their support for the IBAT token and participation at the launch celebration, were also viewed by investors in that channel.

A graduate of the University of Delhi, Suresh Joshi is spearheading development of Battle Infinity alongside CEO Jagjeet Jena, making the game’s core development team Indian like Polygon’s. Ajeet Gill, their top game designer, says they hope to release a beta version of their exciting crypto game this quarter.


India Crypto Project


See their LinkedIn profiles and get to know the team at Both the Telegram and this post will be kept up to date with the latest information on how to purchase IBAT on PancakeSwap.

In addition, there is a Telegram chat group where IBAT investors can connect with one another; this channel has been temporarily disabled while the focus shifts to listing preparations. There are now more than 22,600 people from all around the world part of that group.

Investment Opportunities in India’s Top Cryptocurrencies for 2022


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India’s Top Crypto Investments for 2022

After a 90-day presale for the IBAT token, Battle Infinity reached their hard ceiling of 16,500 BNB ($5 million) in just 24 days. Only from around the middle of July 2022 to about the middle of August 2022 did it last in total.

There had been talk of a crypto ban in India earlier this year, but nothing ever came of it. Indians are becoming interested in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and IBAT due to the country’s recent legalization of the purchase of these digital currencies.

Many Indians, especially the country’s youth, see cryptocurrency as a promising investment opportunity despite the country’s high tax rates.

There will be little selling pressure and many potential investors who were on the fence during the presale but now want to buy on launch day, suggesting that IBAT’s strong early interest may now translate to a successful launch.

Battle Infinity’s fantasy sports-themed metaverse game targets many audiences, including young players, sports lovers, the “play to earn” cryptocurrency sector, and, ultimately, investors, as IBAT can be staked for a return.

Top Penny Crypto in India

Based on the current Binance Coin pricing and the assumption that 1 BNB = 166,666.66 IBAT, the IBAT price during the early days of the presale was around $0.0013 – $0.0016.

Taking into account today’s price of BNB (316 USD), the anticipated IBAT listing price on Wednesday is 1 BNB = 131,578 IBAT, or $0.0024 USD.

An increase of just over 400% would take it to one cent, making IBAT the most popular penny cryptocurrency in India and MATIC the best cryptocurrency in India at a price of roughly one dollar.

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