Terra Classic Burn: Lunatics Token Launched to Burns and Rewards Holders with LUNC


The successful launch of Lunatics Token marks the beginning of a new era in cryptocurrency: a community-driven hyper-deflationary token that will reward Luna Classic holders, destroy the supply of Terra Luna Classic, and give rise to the Classic Luncatics NFT family. CoinMarketCap now features the endeavor too.

The firm noted, “From the outset, burning the project was not the primary goal.” The corporation describes the project as one that burns and pays holders with Luna Classic. These bonuses can now be burned along with other supply by users who choose to HODL, sell, or burn them. Through the collective power of Lunatics Tokens, everyone who has been impacted by the Luna crash can find healing and peace.

The company’s stated goals include “unleashing lunatics,” “developing trust,” “burning LUNC supply,” and “forming community.” Luncatics plans to collaborate with the $LUNC community in order to develop into more than just a meme token. Maintaining the project’s focus on the community’s trust while also prioritizing their brighter future, goals, and investments is essential.

As a result of the recent LUNA catastrophe, the corporation is placing a greater emphasis on communicating with its customers and the public. Due to the project’s declared dedication to make a difference, the Luna Classic Burn will be heavily promoted throughout the creation and release of the project’s tools. The initiative’s burn wallet is meant to promote openness throughout the community. The corporation additionally intends to use the lessons learned from the Luna catastrophe to impart knowledge to the public.

The company promised three distinct levels of protection for users’ tokens. All Krakovia-encoded contracts will be thoroughly checked by Contract Checker, located in the initial layer. Second, during the issuance period, investors can generate 2% liquidity per contract by locking their liquidity for a year at a 2% annual rate. There will be greater openness and security as a result of locking all tokens and trading platforms.

The corporation announced its plan to attain the goal and mentioned a 10% purchase/sale tax. The remaining 10% will be allocated as follows: 2% to LP, Strong LP in an effort to entice larger investors; 3% to marketing; 2% to holders in the form of Luna Classic rewards; 2% to burn in order to reduce the supply of Luna Classic; and 1% to burn in order to make Lunatics tokens hyper deflationary.

The business claimed in their explanation of Tokenomics that out of a total supply of 100 billion, 10 billion were destroyed at the time of the token’s initial distribution. Twenty billion will be available for private sales, thirty-five billion for presale, and twenty and fifteen billion for liquidity and future development, respectively.

Phase 1 of the plan is accomplished, and the next steps are to launch in stealth mode on Binance Smart Chain, create 2,000 NFTs, open the Lunatics Staking pool, and begin advertising in Asia. A CEX listing and the introduction of new blockchains will round off the third stage, which also includes a continuation of marketing efforts in Asia. Within this stage, we will also initiate the creation of Play-to-Earn video games.

What is Lunatics Tokens?

Hyper-deflationary in nature, the Lunatics initiative aims to reward Lunatics holders with Luna Classics while simultaneously destroying the supply of Terra Luna Classics. Additionally, the Lunatics Tokens are used by the community to dispose of the stockpile of Luna Classic. All services will contribute to the core goal of reducing the supply of Luna Classic.

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