Lucky Block Crypto Price Prediction 2022,2023,2025,2030

08/03/2022By: L, Laura

The world of cryptocurrencies has once again seen a new player. This time, the idea is related to lotteries and gambling. The Lucky Block (LBLOCK) project describes itself as a crypto-lottery platform where everyone is a winner. It intends to use the blockchain protocol to implement a global lottery with players from various countries. But is this project something you should really be interested in? After all, crypto and gambling does sound like a perfect recipe. So, let’s take a look at this latest crypto project and see if it’s as good as it sounds. Let’s get started!


A Brief Glance at Lucky Block

Lucky Block describes itself as a global cryptocurrency lottery token that implements the blockchain protocol and runs on top of the Binance Smart Chain. Among these cryptocurrency markets, the LBLOCK project is led by its CEO, Scott Ryder. The project says it aims to improve the transparency and fairness of online gambling. With the rise of the Internet and smartphones, betting online has become increasingly easy. The team’s goal is to create a Lucky Block lottery system that offers players better odds of winning, while providing a reasonable strategy for token holders who are committed to contributing to the Lucky Block community. This also improves transparency, as initiatives in crypto lottery projects can begin to compete with the local financial system for games.


Lucky Block (LBLOCK) Features

The best feature of Lucky Block (LBLOCK) is its tagline, which is “Everyone’s a winner. This didn’t make sense at first, because the lottery system always has only one winner. What makes everyone a winner is the fact that whether you play the lottery or not, as an LBLOCK token holder you automatically receive a bonus for each accrued prize associated with the user’s holdings. Since 10% of each accrued prize is redistributed to the holder, it provides a way for holders to earn money just by holding tokens. However, the website mentions that in order to do this, users must connect their wallets to Lucky Block’s lottery app in order to receive this benefit.


Why Lucky Block (LBLOCK) Tokens?

Lucky Block uses an easy way to create a lottery system. A lottery ticket paid with Lucky Block (LBLOCK) tokens costs $5. It allows any user to make this purchase, regardless of where they are tied. They start with a daily lottery and plan to make up to two drawings per day. Then, using a random number generator, the winning ticket is chosen to distribute the lottery prize.


It has a simple business model. The ticket sales and transaction fees collected fund the ongoing jackpot program. The jackpot is distributed between the winner, the charity, the token holder and the Lucky Block platform. A 12% transaction fee is levied on all sales on the decentralized exchange. And it gets around regulatory hurdles by using a cryptocurrency that doesn’t require them to report any sensitive user data to anti-money laundering agencies. However, they are still working with the Malta Gaming Authority and if the platform is successful, they can help them comply with the new rules and regulations.


Technical Analysis of LBLOCK 

There is not much information available on the LBLOCK cryptocurrency as the asset Lucky Block has only been listed in the last month. But we have used the available historical data to understand the predicted future of Lucky Block price. The current price of Lucky Block is around $0.00592 and it is above its 20-day moving average.

LBLOCK’s performance is not incredible, nor is it sub-optimal. Lucky Block’s price has maintained a good upward trajectory for most of the time in just one month. The initial rise in price was due to the token’s initial public offering. After hitting a low of $0.001 on February 1, 2022, Lucky Block’s price started to pick up and began to build upward momentum, eventually reaching a price of $0.009 on February 17, 2022. Since the token is still in its early stages, the rise in trading volume is easy to see as more investors come forward to buy LBLOCK tokens. It is expected that the token price will continue to rise. After two months, traders can start trading Lucky Block cryptocurrency correctly at the right price level using RSI indicators without having to predict the highest price or other price indicators. Lucky block is currently trading at around $0.0059. The current fully diluted market capitalization is $572,386,304.37.


Lucky Block (LBLOCK) Price Forecast: 2022-2030

Please note that these forecasts do not provide accurate information or correctly predict future prices. Past performance is not indicative of future price values and this should not be considered investment advice. In order to obtain more information, we use available data modeling algorithms and historical data, but this does not guarantee the price movements predicted here. As an investor, please do your own research and understand market risk before engaging in market activity. Use proper risk management and position sizing to limit your exposure, maintain your profits, and use a reliable investment strategy. With that out of the way, here are the Lucky Block price forecasts for short-term and long-term.


Lucky Block (LBLOCK) Price Forecast 2022

Since the LBLOCK coin was listed this year, the lowest price is the price level at the time of launch. The current trend also does not indicate any signs of hitting a new low. According to the Lucky Block Price Forecast 2022, this year, the lowest predicted price value for LBLOCK is expected to be around $0.008. The average price is the same, with a maximum price of $0.009. This suggests that the price will remain relatively stable throughout this year and probably next year as well.


Lucky Block (LBLOCK) Price Forecast 2023

Technical analysis usually does not take into account changes in sentiment. Therefore, the minimum and average price of the Lucky Block token is expected to remain unchanged at $0.011 in 2023. The highest price the token can reach in 2023 is $0.013, and volatility is expected to remain fairly constant.


Lucky Block (LBLOCK) Price Forecast 2024

As the product gets better, the optimistic outlook for the LBLOCK token puts its minimum price close to $0.015, considering that the project is not a scam. The average price is expected to be around $0.016, with this year’s all-time high expected to be around $0.019.


Lucky Block (LBLOCK) Price Forecast 2025

Based on the price forecast, Lucky Block (LBLOCK) price is expected to reach a lowest price of $0.021 in 2025, considering three years of positive media and influencer coverage. The highest price expected this year is about $0.026, with an average price of $0.022.


LBLOCK Price Forecast 2030

According to Lucky Block’s predicted price and technical analysis, LBLOCK price is expected to break the average price level of $0.027 in 2030, and Lucky Block’s expected lowest price value at the end of this year should be $0.026. In addition, LBLOCK can reach a peak price level of $0.031.


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