IMPT Token is On The Biggest Presale Now – Why Is It a Big Hit?



By bringing carbon credits on-chain as NFTs, IMPT aims to revolutionize the distribution and management of carbon credits.


Because of the improved UI and UX, carbon credits will be available to individuals in addition to businesses, and the notion of using NFTs for carbon credits instead of the outmoded system that is currently used for the marketplace is great.

Why is IMPT so Ground-Breaking?


IMPT is a new cryptocurrency that aims to revolutionize the carbon credit market by making it more convenient for both individuals and businesses to acquire and use carbon offsets.


The long-term objective of carbon credits is to lessen global carbon emissions and make the world a greener environment.


At the state level, carbon credits are currently solely available to polluting businesses. This means that people aren’t likely to adopt them, and that there’s little motivation for individuals to engage in socially responsible behavior without IMPT’s intervention.


The market for carbon credits is considerable. Unlike rivals like Ford, Volkswagen, and Honda, Elon Musk’s Tesla doesn’t make the vast bulk of its money from selling actual automobiles. The company’s market cap would not be reasonable if car sales were its only value proposition, but Tesla sells very few cars.


Instead, without government subsidies, Tesla would be barely sustainable as a company, and its revenues come mostly from selling a large number of carbon credits to its competitors because of the company’s green credentials.


Companies who are able to capitalize on the zeitgeist should do well as investment and valuations become more politicized in line with the green agenda.


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The Pre-Sale Brought around $3.7 Million

The presale has been going on for a little over a week, and thus far it has managed to bring in $3.7m. The rapid pace at which the presale is selling out is a testament to the importance of allowing individuals to demonstrate their green credentials by “buying ethically” and to the value proposition behind a firm that is aiming to leverage new blockchain technology to make the world considerably greener.

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