IMPT, a Green Crypto Project, is Offering a Chance to Win $100,000


An incentive of $100,000 in IMPT tokens is being offered by the green cryptocurrency project IMPT, which will eventually use the blockchain to record carbon offsets. Participants must sign up for the current IMPT presale.

More than $11 million has been raised for this new cryptocurrency project through the IMPT presale. Here, we’ll take a closer look at this eco-friendly cryptocurrency and explain how interested enthusiasts can buy IMPT during the presale.

What is IMPT?


The IMPT token is part of a green cryptocurrency project that aims to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.


Every IMPT token is backed by a real-world investment in renewable energy infrastructure like a wind farm or solar panel farm. Investors who purchase IMPT tokens have the option of minting them into NFTs or converting them into carbon credits.


Investors can then either cash out their carbon credits on the open market or use them to neutralize their own carbon footprint. It is possible for investors to recoup their IMPT token investment by selling carbon credits on markets such as those in California, Europe, and New Zealand.


Carbon credits being burned NFTs is beneficial to the environment since it encourages investors to contribute to a project that helps the planet without relying on carbon credits to do so. Investors that go this route will also receive a one-of-a-kind NFT work of art that has the potential to increase in value over time.


To make it easier for consumers to support businesses that share their beliefs, IMPT is also developing a shopping platform dedicated to eco-conscious brands. Investors in the IMPT will be able to monitor their accumulated carbon neutrality through a social analytics dashboard.



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What is IMPT Token?


The IMPT project’s native currency is IMPT. There will never be more than 3 billion of these ERC-20 tokens issued. During the IMPT presale, as many as 60% of all IMPT tokens will be made available.


In IMPT, the IMPT token has multiple functions.


To begin, it’s the IMPT ecosystem’s default method of monetary exchange. Carbon offset credits can be obtained by exchanging IMPT, which is an investment in environmentally friendly enterprises. IMPT tokens are required for all transactions on the platform, including purchases made in the shopper’s market and the purchase of NFTs.


Additionally, the project plans to provide premium services, such as collectible NFTs and carbon offset trading options, to IMPT token holders.


Future ideas for IMPT include the creation of a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization). Soon, IMPT will function as a governance token, allowing holders a voice in DAO decision-making.


Multiple Earning Options


One of the most interesting aspects of IMPT is the variety of profit streams it provides.


Those that are committed to the cryptocurrency space might hold on to their IMPT tokens in the hopes of future growth in value. Given the overwhelming response to the IMPT presale, it’s reasonable to assume that the token’s value will continue to rise after the project launches its first exchange.


As an alternative, token holders can exchange their IMPT coins for carbon credits and resell them on the secondary market. Large corporations in California and Europe are driving up demand for carbon credits as they seek ways to mitigate the effects of their operations on the environment.


Burning their carbon credits is an alternative that will reward you with rare NFT artworks. These works of art may appreciate in value over time, and their owners may be able to sell them on NFT marketplaces to recoup some of their initial investment.

Users have a fair amount of financial flexibility within the IMPT project due to the multiple revenue streams available to them. As the project progresses, IMPT holders will be able to weigh in on how things are handled through the decentralized governance platform IMPT DAO.



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Ecologically Sustainable Project


An additional way that people who care about the environment can put their money where their principles are, is through IMPT. This eco-friendly undertaking makes it simple to back vital international environmental initiatives that adhere to the standards of the Global Certification Protocol.

Users can buy carbon credits, which they can subsequently burn to reduce their emissions, or they can invest in IMPT. As compensation, they receive a collectible NFT that will increase in value over time.


$100,000 IMPT Giveaway


IMPT is giving away a hundred thousand dollars to mark the success of its presale and the debut of its platform. Investors who hold at least $100 worth of IMPT tokens on the day of the drawing will be included into a random drawing for IMPT tokens.

Investors who help spread the news about this new venture will receive an infinite number of entries into the IMPT giveaway. If you post a tweet about IMPT and include the handles of two friends, you’ll earn 10 entries; if you retweet, you’ll earn 5. Ten entries will be awarded for joining either the IMPT Discord or Telegram communities.

The drawing date is set for April 18th, 2023.



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How to Buy IMPT


For anyone interested in participating in the current IMPT presale, these are the steps to take:

1.Establish a Cryptocurrency Wallet

Obtain a cryptocurrency wallet, such as MetaMask, that can store ERC-20 tokens. You may download MetaMask for no cost on iOS, Android, or Chrome.

2: Purchase Ether or Tether

During the IMPT presale, you can buy tokens with either Ethereum (ETH) or Tether (USDT). Purchases of ETH or USDT can be made at any major cryptocurrency exchange, and the tokens can be moved to a wallet at any time.

But IMPT also has a partnership with Transak, so you can use your credit or debit card right there on the presale platform, no need to bring it anywhere. For a little cost, Transak will exchange your local currency for Ethereum.

3: Connect Wallet

The IMPT presale can be accessed by going to the IMPT website and selecting the “Connect Wallet” button. Get started with MetaMask by clicking its icon and following the on-screen instructions.


4: Purchase IMPT

Type in the quantity of IMPT tokens you wish to buy. To participate, a minimum of 10 IMPT, or $0.23 at the ICO’s current pricing, must be invested. To send money from a cryptocurrency wallet, just follow the on-screen prompts.


5: Claim Tokens

Following the conclusion of the presale, IMPT tokens will be made available. After re-establishing contact with the presale platform, investors can retrieve their tokens.


IMPT is a cryptocurrency project with a focus on environmental sustainability by simplifying the process of purchasing carbon credits for the purpose of selling or offsetting emissions. By participating in the IMPT presale, crypto enthusiasts can buy IMPT tokens at the lowest possible prices and be entered into a drawing for $100,000.

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