What is IMPT Future After a Massive Surge in Pre-Sale?


The IMPT pre-sale has already broken records, and the project is well on its way to meeting its $10 million goal.


What is IMPT?


There have been signs of a recovery in the bitcoin market’s recent slump. While the majority of tokens have not yet recovered to their ATH levels, a select few alternative cryptocurrencies are demonstrating great value and bucking the trend on the back of strong growth indicators in the near future.

There are two tokens to hold onto for the long haul: Tamadoge (TAMA) and IMPT. The value of tamadoge, a recently established meme currency, has recently risen unexpectedly. The presale for TAMA was also very successful. But IMPT is a coin working on a very important environmentally beneficial project, and its pre-sale is performing exceptionally well.



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The IMPT Project


Given that IMPT has outperformed its investor base, it has become one of the most talked about cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrency’s marketing and development appear to be on the correct track, thanks to a well-thought-out road map.


IMPT is a cryptocurrency supported by organizations and individuals all around the world that are dedicated to lowering the greenhouse gas emissions that are harming our planet. A flood of green crypto ventures have emerged in an effort to protect the planet. But IMPT is the one that’s really making a name for itself.

With the IMPT cryptocurrency’s presale having been so successful, having crossed the $4 million threshold, now is the opportunity for investors to get in at the lowest possible price before the cryptocurrency begins the second part of its pre-sale. The Impact Project website currently displays a price of $0.018. There is a good chance that the pre-sale will reach its goal earlier than projected. Investors and crypto-currency fans may get in on the pre-sale action at the lowest possible price (before it increases to $0.023 in the second phase and $0.028 in the third and final phase).


On October 3, IMPT presale began, and within 24 hours, it had raised $150,000, and within 48 hours, it had raised $550,000, and within 72 hours, it had raised $1 million. Over $4 million has been raised so far, making this one of the most successful cryptocurrency pre-sales of 2022, according to numerous industry analysts.

The success of the TAMA presale was a crucial factor in the meme coin’s subsequent rise in value after it was listed on major exchanges. TAMA has also maintained a sizable portion of its earlier gains despite the market’s pullback. It is anticipated that IMPT will provide returns at least as large.


In light of the tremendous success of the pre-sale, this essay will discuss the high hopes held for IMPT. When it finally makes it into big exchanges, investors believe it will be a coin worth buying and holding.

Phase 1 of pre-sales have been very successful so far, which speaks to the project’s prominence and demand. That’s why now is the moment to buy IMPT and ride its big profit wave.

In 2023, What Can We Expect from IMPT?


It’s difficult to know how much IMPT will be worth in the future, but recent price increases have raised hopes that the token would be worth half a dollar by 2023. This is not completely out of the question, and it would be a huge improvement for investors.


The recent surge in popularity of meme coins makes this conceivable for TAMA. Recent developments, such as Tamadoge, imply that comparable tokens are gaining appeal in the cryptocurrency community, even if DOGE has been the most discussed meme coin.

Multiple large exchanges, such as OKX, MEXC, Bitmart, and others, offer TAMA as a trading pair. The recent shift in Tamadoge’s listing status has also contributed to its rising valuation.


Pre-sale interest has been so strong, though, that IMPT may reach $0.5. To add, the token’s value is based on the merits of the project itself. This project marks the beginning of crypto’s environmentally beneficial application by harnessing cutting-edge technology to achieve a new good for Earth.


IMPT has announced three distinct pre-sale windows. Beginning in October and concluding on November 5th, 600,000,000 tokens were sold at a price of $0.018 each during the initial token sale round. The second presale will sell 660 million tokens at $0.023, while the third presale will cover 540 million tokens at $0.028.



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More Investors Will Invest in IMPT


The effects of IMPT are notably unique. It’s building a unified platform to take carbon credits and bring together the many organizations fighting climate change. Despite this being the project’s first presale, almost $4 million was raised in less than a week, impressing both the cryptocurrency and blockchain communities.


IMPT is capitalizing on its great capacity to attract investors by making a tangible contribution to tackling a problem that affects everyone and will do so for decades.



It’s common knowledge among investors that getting in on the ground floor of a promising venture is the best way to maximize return. That includes both IMPT and TAMA. To get in on the ground floor of the IMPT pre-sale, all you have to do is visit one of the above-mentioned cryptocurrency exchanges and buy TAMA tokens through the IMPT.io pre-sale before it closes. Experts predict that by 2023 (only a few months away), the price of one IMPT token will have risen to $0.50.

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