How to Use ChatGPT? – Beginner’s Guide



You’ve definitely heard of ChatGPT, the multi-purpose chatbot prototype now sweeping the web. In a short amount of time, it has become the most prominent illustration of the potential impact of AI-generated content.


Although there have been some recent challenges with accessing this remarkable technology, it is currently available for everyone to try out for free thanks to its creators, OpenAI, who are famous for creating the text-to-image generator DALL-E. The ins and outs of using ChatGPT are detailed here.




How to Use ChatGPT?


The ChatGPT web page is minimal, with just a space for loading results and a query box at the footer. Although we began with inquiries, we were advised by OpenAI that providing a statement would provide superior results.


For instance, while both “how was the solar system constructed” and “explain how the solar system was made” would get pretty extensive results, the former will yield more paragraphs than the latter. In addition, you may make your contribution more specific by asking for things like an essay with five body paragraphs or a specific Wikipedia page. With the query “write a four paragraph essay discussing Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein,” we were given a very thorough response.


Assuming it has sufficient data, the generator will faithfully carry out the specified requirements. Otherwise, ChatGPT may start supplying missing information. Rare occurrences like these are pointed out by OpenAI. It’s also worth noting that the company admits ChatGPT has “little awareness of world events after 2021.”


However, you have the opportunity to enter questions again until you either exit your browser or reset the thread. Depending on your preference, you can use ChatGPT in either a dark or a light theme.


This page serves as a gateway to the OpenAI Discord server and blog, from which you can log in and exit.





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How to Open an OpenAI Account?



Simply type in what you want to know and the ChatGPT chatbot will respond with the relevant data. You will need to sign up for an OpenAI account if you don’t already have one in order to access the platform’s resources. One of two simple sign-in options are available to you: Google or Microsoft.


If your email address is not one of these types, you can enter it manually. After that, you’ll be asked to input a phone number; unfortunately, OpenAI does not accept VoIP numbers. A confirmation number will be sent to you, which you’ll use to finish up the signup process.


ChatGPT’s house rules, such as the possibility of data inaccuracies, how OpenAI collects data, and how users can offer feedback, will appear once registration is complete.


Is ChatGPT Free?



The bare bones version of ChatGPT is indeed costless. The service is not free for OpenAI to maintain. Current estimates place OpenAI’s monthly cost of maintaining ChatGPT at $3 million, or about $100,000. Recently, some shocking details about the extensive measures used to prevent the language model from being trained to generate objectionable content have leaked out, revealing a cost that far exceeds the servers themselves.



The  latest addition to OpenAI’s chatbot family is ChatGPT Pro, a paid premium version. However, at this time the only way in is via the waitlist, and the monthly cost is unknown. No throttling, an infinite amount of prompts, faster response, and no blackouts are among the features that may be made available in ChatGPT Premium.



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ChatGPT System Error


Recently, a large number of persons who try to visit ChatGPT are met with a “at capacity” message. It’s probably what’s motivating people to look into using unapproved paid apps, the kind that have already inundated app stores and tricked thousands of people into paying for a service they should have gotten for free.


It appears that when OpenAI’s servers are “at capacity,” access is restricted because of the high expense of maintaining ChatGPT. It may take a while to wait it out (up to a few hours), but if you’re patient, you’ll get through. This is by far the most significant of the current issues plaguing ChatGPT and the main reason why fewer people are utilizing it.



Must ChatGPT be Downloaded?


You may access ChatGPT online without ever having to download anything. Even though there are many knockoffs available in app stores, OpenAI has not yet released their own official app. As these are not the official ChatGPT apps, you should proceed with caution when installing and using them.


ChatGPT appears to be available for local download via Github, though this is not required.






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What’s the Future of ChatGPT?


Without a shadow of a doubt, ChatGPT has taken the tech world by storm, and its popularity shows no signs of abating. The fourth version of the model, known as ChatGPT-4, is expected to make major enhancements to the efficacy and utility of the original. There is still no confirmed publication date, however the New York Times predicted it will come out in the first quarter of 2023.



However, the most significant change will come from the ways in which ChatGPT is utilized by other programs. It has been said that Microsoft has invested several billion dollars in ChatGPT, with the hope that it will eventually make its way into the rest of the Office suite. It may even help Bing become a more formidable alternative to Google Search. Wait until AI is integrated into the most popular programs used in the workplace and classroom. It’s unclear how or when this will become available, but it will play a significant role in ChatGPT’s development going forward.

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