How to Play Games on ChatGPT – Guide For Dummies



ChatGPT is an AI chatbot that may be used to conduct research, create email templates, write articles, poems, scripts, etc. In less than a week, it has gained one million users around the globe. In addition to being able to play games, the AI can also do many other amazing things, such as tell jokes, engage in general conversation, etc. ChatGPT isn’t designed for gaming, although you can play a number of games on it. If you’re looking for some lighthearted entertainment, check out this rundown of ChatGPT games we’ve played in the past.

1.The Word Ladder


You can utilize ChatGPT to help you with Word Ladder, which is a word puzzle game, or you can solve the puzzle that ChatGPT generates for you. Starting with two words like “pop” and “cat,” for instance, the ChatGPT will begin its analysis. To play, you must swap the positions of the first and second words and modify just one character at a time. Pop, pot, cot, and cat are the correct answers to the previous questions.


You can see that we’ve switched the initial and final letters of the two words, and that the intervening text now makes perfect sense. By typing “let’s play word ladder,” you can jump right into a game of ChatGPT. The program will first request the riddle, which you will then be given to solve. The fact that AI is a language-learning model means that it is much more accurate than in other games.


Word Ladder on ChatGPT





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Incredibly, the ChatGPT is a great place for trivia. In contrast, there is no accumulation of points. It will keep generating questions so long as you keep answering the ones it gives you. After each question, it will indicate whether or not you got the answer right and provide a brief rationale for why you got it that way. Trivia is more steady than games like Tic Tac Toe, but the questions are easy. Furthermore, the majority of inquiries are restricted to those from the American audience.


One of the more beginner-friendly games out there. Using the Let’s play trivia prompt will immediately begin the game on ChatGPT.



Trivia on ChatGPT



3.Tic Tac Toe


The classic game of Tic Tac Toe is played on a 33 grid, and it has won the hearts of generations. The X or O is chosen by two competitors who are playing against one another. If they are chosen, they will begin placing their symbol on the board in a sequential order. When one of them gets three of their symbols in a row in any direction (vertical, horizontal, or diagonal), the game ends.


If you think it’s hard to start a guessing game, try beginning a game of Tic Tac Toe on ChatGPT. At the outset, it may assume that just two players exist and proceed to run the game on its own. Sometimes it provides a brief article explaining the rules of Tic Tac Toe. Anyhow, here’s the inciting incident I used to initiate a game of Tic Tac Toe: let’s play tic tac toe together. The prompt may have seemed uncomplicated, but it does not always initiate play.


However, the AI frequently ruins the action. We can see that the AI was victorious, but it still declared a tie. Occasionally, it will substitute its own symbol for the one you’ve placed.



Tic Tac Toe went wrong on ChatGPT





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When playing Hangman, you’ll need to use your best guesses to deduce the letters that make up the AI’s secret word. One of your six chances will be lost if the letter you guessed is not in the word. Its now-iconic name comes from the 6-chance representation of this diagram, which is a hangman.



Play Hangman with me will get the game started. To be honest, it probably won’t fit that particular prompt. If that doesn’t work, try rephrasing the sentence and starting the game over again on ChatGPT.



Most of the time, the game will run without a hitch. On rare occasions, though, ChatGPT will claim that all of our responses are incorrect and that none of the letters you predicted are in the term it is thinking about. However, the last word remains concealed. This means you can never tell if the AI is being honest.



Hangman on ChatGPT





5. Guessing Game


You can use ChatGPT to have it guess who you’re thinking about or the name of a movie based on your inquiries. ChatGPT tailors its inquiries to your answers in an effort to identify the actor, director, or title of the work to which you are referring. It also acts humanlike by asking for a hint if it gets lost. However, it can be instructed to recall a certain person or film, after which its name can be guessed through a series of questions.


As playing games was never intended for ChatGPT, switching to play mode is challenging. You can’t simply propose a game of “20 questions” or “guess the movie” and expect to get a yes. You’ll need to teach it the rules of the game before you can get started. Here’s a prompt I’ve used before: I imagined a character. With the help of 20 yes/no questions, you must identify the fictional character I am currently considering.


Yet unrelated to ChatGPT, Akinator does a better job of character guessing than ChatGPT does, though it doesn’t sound or read human.



Guessing Game on ChatGPT






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Hopefully, you enjoyed this introduction to ChatGPT and its accompanying games. This AI language model is a thrilling innovation that will take your game to a whole new level of excitement. ChatGPT can enhance the fun of any game, whether it’s a long-running RPG like Dungeons & Dragons ora lightning-fast party game like Trivia or Yahtzee.



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Use ChatGPT to have a good time! I’m excited to see how you guys make use of this AI language model to make games more fun and engaging.


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