Cronos Price Prediction: Is It Time to Buy the Dip?


Cronos Price Prediction – Quick Take

  • The Cronos(CRO) is trading at an all-time low, with a bearish rally driving the coin down to support levels.
  • The current CROprice is $0.07987, down 88% during the last intraday trading session.
  • The pair of CRO/BTC is surfing around with drops in the past 24 h


The Cronos has been under bearish dominance. The downward trend has driven the price of the coin toward its demand zone. The continuous drop in the price of CRO shows inactive buyers. The buyers must attempt to enter the trade for the survival of the coin.


The Cronos lost around 1.88% during the last intraday trading session. The CRO is currently trading at $0.07987. The continuously decreasing price of the coin may result in the coin reaching its support of $0.05412. The buyers are also attempting to give the CRO some upward momentum.


The bulls may face some difficulty entering the trade. If the buyers attempt to give the coin some upward momentum, it succeeds leading the price of CRO to move toward its primary resistance of $0.08610 and this may lead the price of the coin to reach the secondary support of $0.01317. The upward momentum could bring some hope to the investors.


The volume of the coin decreased by 18.98% during the intraday trading session. The sellers are trying to introduce a strong downward trend. The buyers must move so the coin regains its potential. The coin’s price is trading above the 20,50,100,200 Days of Daily Moving Average.


Cronos Technical Analysis

The technical analysis shows that: The RSI is neutral returning from the overbought Zone. This could be positive news for the investors. The current RSI is 50.62 and the average RSI is 53.94. The bears are trying to take the RSI to the oversold zone. The buyers will also attempt to drive RSI to their desired zone. The MACD and MACD signal have intersected giving a negative cross. The investors are eagerly waiting for any movement over the daily price chart.


Technical Levels

Support Levels $0.00003206 and $0.00002756

Resistance Levels: $0.00003812 and $0.00004205



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Cronos Price Prediction: Conclusion

Cronos has a bearish market trend and is trading at its all-time low price. The bears are trying to introduce a strong bearish trend. The bull market may come alive and the trend in the coin may be reversed. Cronos is currently trading at $0.07987, down 1.88% in the last intraday trading session. the RSI is also neutral, indicating that buyers are losing control of the coin.



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