BurgerCities (BURGER) Price Forecast in 2022


Since the decentralized finance (DeFi) market crashed, the value of the BurgerCities cryptocurrency has fallen significantly from its all-time high. From July 10 though, the price of a BURGER has increased by over 53%, and it has increased by almost 504% since the beginning of the month.

The BurgerCities development team just announced on July 7 that they have integrated iZUMi liquidity into the platform, allowing token swaps to take place instantly at more affordable rates.

Do you want to know the Burger Swap Price Forecast in 2022? In this article, we take a look at the BurgerCities protocol and the current price estimate from market analysts to see if the recent price surge can be sustained in the long run.


BurgerCities(BURGER): Explained

To compete with SushiSwap on Ethereum, BurgerSwap debuted in September 2020 as a “democratized AMM” or automated market maker on the Binance Smart Chain. Recently, the anonymous community development team has moved its attention to developing a playable metaverse game that incorporates DeFi.

MetaFi is quickly becoming the standard term for “DeFi” in the metaverse. BurgerSwap’s decentralized marketplace features are now built into BurgerCities. In the BurgerCities game, players can take on the role of liquidity providers by selecting a specific token pool.

In December of 2021, BurgerCities released an update to BurgerSwap, which included the protocol for aggregating orders. Users can “engage in daily activities like socializing, gaming, and so on in this realm,” as stated on the project’s blog, while also “experience[ing] DeFi and NFT functions such as Swap, Staking, and viewing NFT exhibitions through their visual metaverse image.” This is all made possible thanks to the integration of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) into the metaverse environment.

In an effort to enhance the utility and entertainment value of the BurgerCities platform, the developers have integrated a game in which players explore the metaverse with BurgerCities NFT heroes equipped to deal with monsters, PK, land management, PVP, and more.

For incentives while the project changes its brand and functionality, “to fast grasp the MetaFi market and achieve rapid traffic development,” the project’s developers released extra tokens in June, beyond the original 21 million put into circulation, causing considerable criticism.

However, BurgerCities decided to issue tokens first and then announce it to our community because of a mismatch between the development of the product and the date of token issuance. This strategy lacks forethought and disregards our community’s sentiments. BurgerCities has burned all the extra tokens so that the benefits for the current token holders are not diminished. There are once again 21 million tokens in circulation.

BurgerCities has a market capitalization of $53m as of 12 July, placing it at the 346th largest cryptocurrency by value, with 20.6 million tokens in circulation out of a total of 21 million, and a price of $2.59 at the time of writing.



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Price Analysis of BurgerCities (BURGER) Price Analysis

From its launch in September 2020 until January 2021, when cryptocurrencies began to appreciate substantially due to the development of decentralized finance and the introduction of NFTs, the BurgerCities token traded at less than $1.

BURGER price chart


Following its initial day of trading on February 19, 2021, at a price of $0.88, BURGER exploded to a high of $15.78 on February 19, an increase of almost 1,600%. Midway through March 2021, the price decreased to $3.53, and by midway through April 2021, it had climbed back up to $8.98. The token dropped to $3.33 on April 23 and $28.01 on May 3 as the cryptocurrency market as a whole reached new heights.

Following the sell-off in the crypto markets on July 21, the token’s price fell to $3.07. It did not recover with the rest of the tokens in October and November. On August 22nd, the token’s price climbed to $6.30, but it has been steadily declining since then.

At the end of 2021, a token was worth $3, but by May of 2022, as cryptocurrency markets fell, it had dropped to $0.2899. In May and June, the price momentarily hit $1, then in July, it dropped to $0.5898. On July 6, the price doubled to $2.02, and on July 11 it had reached a high of $3.52. The price dropped to $2.59 on July 12th.


BurgerCities (BURGER) Price Forecast

Here we use extensive technical Analysis aided by artificial intelligence to predict the future BurgerCities price (or BURGER projection). For the BURGER coin, we collect as much historical data as possible, which includes things like the coin’s previous price, the market capitalization of BurgerCities, the volume of BurgerCities transactions, and more. To ensure a profitable investment in digital currencies, familiarize yourself with our forecasts.


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BurgerCities (BURGER) Price Forecast in 2022

Deep technical study of BURGER’s price history suggests that by 2022, the price of BurgerCities will have dropped to at least $0.96. With a current average price of $1.00, BURGER has a maximum potential value of $1.14.

BurgerCities (BURGER) Price Forecast in 2023

In 2023, the price of a share in BurgerCities is projected to rise to at least $1.40. At its highest point, BurgerCities might cost $1.67, with a long-term average price of $1.44 for the entire year of 2023.


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BurgerCities (BURGER) Price Forecast in 2024

BurgerCities is expected to achieve a minimum price of $1.95 by 2024, according to both fundamental and technical analysis. The average selling price of a BURGER is $2.02, with a maximum possible price of $2.45.

BurgerCities (BURGER) Price Forecast in 2025

In 2025, the lowest possible price for 1 BurgerCities is $2.85. Over the course of 2025, the average price of a BURGER might be $2.93, with a high of $3.42.


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BurgerCities (BURGER) Price Forecast in 2030

Until 2030, experts have put the price of BurgerCities at a minimum of $17.76. By 2030, the highest price BurgerCities might reach is $21.02, and its average trading price would be $18.27.


BurgerCities (BURGER) Price Forecast: FAQS

1.Do you think BurgerCities has any limit?

BurgerCities (BURGER) could reach a yearly average price of $1.00 by the conclusion of this period. The coin is expected to hit the $4.22 mark in no time at all if we use the five-year plan as a guide.

2.In 2030, what do you think BurgerCities will be worth?

When it comes to market value, BurgerCities has tremendous potential for growth. The price of BURGER is expected to rise in the future. According to researchers and professionals in the field, BurgerCities has the potential to earn $30.86 at its highest price point by the year 2030.

3.How sound is it to put money into BurgerCities (BURGER)?

It is anticipated that BurgerCities’ worth would continue to climb because scarcity drives up prices. Remember that all investments carry some degree of danger. Rather than jumping to conclusions, just put your money where your mouth is and learn as much as you can.


Disclaimer: Any statements, thoughts, or ideas expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of BTCC. BTCC makes no assurances about the content’s timeliness or correctness. Invest at your own risk and after doing your own due diligence.

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