Binance Crypto Wodl Answer Today: Metaverse and GameFi Theme

08/03/2022By: C, Fiona

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Each week, Binance News hosts a minigame called Crypto WODL, in which players may win crypto prizes by correctly guessing a set of mystery words. Here are the guidelines for playing:

You have six guesses at the daily secret word (WODL). No matter how well or poorly you guessed the WODL, you can earn an extra WODL by simply forwarding the day’s most popular Binance News story to a friend.

Each day, in addition to the regular WODL, a special WODL will be made available to players. If you make five correct predictions by (date), you’ll be entered into a drawing for 10,000 BUSD.

This week’s WODL focuses on all things DeFi. There will be four weeks of WODLs total, and each week will have a unique focus. Each new weekly topic will be announced on the Binance News homepage every Monday at 00:00 (UTC).

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Win Binance Crypto Wodl-Guide

There is a daily limit of 2 WODL games for crypto players.

If you get 5 questions right during the Activity Period, you’ll be able to split $10,000 in BUSD prizes among the correct participants.

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How to Play Binance Crypto Wodl

  • You have 6 chances to pick the right crypto WODL.
  • With each new guess, the tiles’ colors will shift to reflect how near you were.
  • If a letter is in the right place, it will turn green.
  • When a letter is present in the word but in the wrong place, it will be highlighted in yellow.
  • The absence of the letter is indicated by the color black.

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How to Obtain the Binance Daily Second WODL

After playing the first game, select “Get A New WODL,” then share the day’s Binance news via social media to unlock a bonus game.

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Possible Binance Crypto WODL Word List


8 Letter Binance Crypto WODL Word:


7 Letter Binance Crypto WODL Word:


6 Letter Binance Crypto WODL Word:


5 Letter Binance Crypto WODL Word:


4 Letter Binance Crypto WODL Word:


3 Letter Binance Crypto WODL Word:




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