Battle Infinity Staking is Great for IBAT Holders in 4 Ways


Battle Infinity Staking

It has been announced that the Battle Infinity staking program will be live on September 24 at 16:00 UTC – giving holders and the community the opportunity to earn by locking in IBAT and LP tokens.


APY percentages have not yet been announced, but the program has announced that staking can be done in three different ways – Duo, Solo and Crate Staking.



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Earn interests on IBAT without gaming

One of the main reasons the IBAT staking programme is so useful for holders is that it makes it easy for people to passively generate interest on their IBAT.  This is extremely useful because it means that one can earn interest on their IBAT without needing to do anything active with it.


Often in play-to-earn games, one of the only ways to earn is to actively participate in the games themselves, which poses a challenge since nobody can be expected to play the same game 24/7.


With Battle Infinity’s staking programme, players can still accumulate more IBAT even when they are not gaming.


Earn passive income

The interest means that people can use their IBAT equity to generate passive income. Those who believe in the success of the Battle Infinity ecosystem long term, but aren’t interested in regularly trading or gaming, can choose to simply lock up their tokens for a predefined period of time.


Those who do lock up their tokens for a long time will be handsomely rewarded with high APY in IBAT and need not do anything in particular once they have made their stake – some of the most successful investors are successful precisely because of the fact that they defer gratification.



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Battle Infinity staking offers IBAT holders special benefits

There are all sorts of benefits that are exclusive to those who have staked IBAT, and there are many more that will be announced in the coming months as the project expands and the ecosystem develops.


There are three different staking options for holders of IBAT: solo staking, duo staking and crates staking.


With crates staking, depositors are entitled to earn exclusive reward crates that cannot be acquired elsewhere.


Prospective whitelist for future events and products

Although it has not yet been confirmed, many in the community have speculated on potential whitelisting for future events and products.


As Battle Infinity continues to develop their line of products and services, it is quite likely that those who have locked up their IBAT – and thus shown that they are committed to the project as an investor rather than solely a trader – may be eligible to receive exclusive or enhanced rewards.


Future product offerings are nearly always positive as, like further exchange listings, they open the door for more users – and different types of users – to join the circular economy of the Battle Infinity ecosystem.


Battle Infinity will be launching a number of products in the coming months, the most significant of which is the launch of the Battle Marketplace, which allows players to purchase, exchange and upgrade their non-fungible token (NFTs).


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