5 New Crypto Coin to Invest for September 2022


Most cryptocurrencies have lost a significant amount of value from their all-time highs in November 2021, and the crypto markets have been in a downtrend for much of 2022.

While there have been signs of recovery in the past few days, popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others are still down as much as 70-80% (and in some cases much more) from their all-time highs.

However, investing in presales, initial coin offerings (ICOs), and initial exchange offerings (IEOs) has let savvy investors continue to prosper despite the bad market (IEOs). Finding coins before the competition is a high-risk endeavor with potentially large rewards.

When a cryptocurrency first hits an exchange, it often experiences a “listing effect,” when its value increases rapidly due to the influx of new investors and publicity.


Perform a Complete Analysis of New Listings

There are several wonderful resources for finding new coin listings, including CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, CoinList, CoinSniper, Reddit/Cryptocurrency, and Twitter. However, it is crucial to do more research on new currencies after you find them to make sure they are not honey pots or rug pulls.

TokenSniffer is very helpful for checking the security of a project’s tokenomics and smart contract, and a project’s website and social media sites are also important for research.

Although a doxxed staff and high levels of social media activity involvement are good signals, be aware of bots. Lazy or incomplete websites, whitepapers, and roadmaps are poor signs.

Here are a few fresh cryptocurrency listings that have recently gone live on major exchanges or will soon do so.



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1.Tamadoge (TAMA)

Tamadoge is a promising new project that managed to raise $19 million in its presale in fewer than eight weeks, succeeding despite the recent difficulties of the crypto bear market.

PancakeSwap and LBank have confirmed support, and further exchangers are expected to be revealed soon.

Towards the end of Sunday’s presale, investors showed extreme FOMO for the project, gaining massive holdings with investments of 55.8ETH and 40ETH, respectively.

In comparison to other meme coin projects like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, Tamadoge stands out due to its play-to-earn game, NFT ownership, and expansive “Tamaverse.”

As at the end of 2022, native TAMA token holders will be able to mint NFT pets, which will serve as the main attraction of a P2E game.

The game is based on the popular Tamagotchi toy from the 1990s and allows players to compete by taking care of and leveling up virtual pets in order to earn higher rankings on a monthly leaderboard.


In a later phase of development, an augmented reality app will be published, allowing gamers and their virtual pets to venture outside and hunt for virtual tokens in the real world.

In addition, TAMA uses stringent tokenomics, in contrast to DOGE and SHIB, which are inflationary and were never meant to be currencies but rather a store of wealth.

As opposed to DOGE (which has an infinite supply and a circulating supply of 130 billion) and SHIB (which has a supply of 550 billion), a maximum of 2 billion TAMA tokens will ever be issued.

The coin is deflationary and creates scarcity over time by burning 5% of each transaction in the pet store, where holders can buy treats and toys for their dogs.

With approximately 70,000 Twitter followers and 50,000 in the Telegram channel, the Tamadoge project is already making a significant buzz on social media. The team has also been doxxed, passed its KYC verification, and had its contract evaluated prior to the presale.

It’s likely that this week will see several major listing date announcements, and the best way to find out first is on the company’s social media pages.


2. Sweat Economy (SWEAT)

With a market size of approximately $100 million, a daily volume of $17 million, and a price of $0.05, SWEAT is a newly listed coin on Huobi, KuCoin, Gate, and FTX.

The Sweat Economy, which was just released, promotes physical activity in all its forms as a means to financial gain.

sweat chart

Sweat, which debuted as a Web2 service in 2016, has made the transition to Web3, and it already has 110 million users throughout the world. In the four months after the Web3 initiative was revealed, 13 million digital wallets have been generated.

SWEAT is a token based on the NEAR protocol with a 2 billion maximum supply, and it can be exchanged for the non-crypto Sweatcoin, which in September 2022 was the top downloaded health and fitness app in 58 countries.

Oleg Fomenko and Anton Derlyatka, two Russians living in London, are at the helm of the initiative. They both have extensive expertise in the food and beverage industry, having worked in leadership roles at Visa, Coca-Cola, and Pepsi.

They say the app increases activity levels among its users by 20% on average, and they’ve worked with the UK’s National Health Service to reduce stress on healthcare systems around the world.


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3.Raresama (POOP)

The Moonsama Multiverse, which also includes Exosama, recently launched a new NFT marketplace called Raresama on the Polkadot blockchain.

There is a doxxed leadership team behind the project, and they’ve already announced a cooperation with KILTProtocol and its Sporran Wallet and SocialKYC credentials, so that users may sign in using simply their wallets rather than their user names and passwords.

raresama chart












They believe this news will have a “revolutionary” effect on the NFT and metaverse area, and it may even pave the way for future social media profile linking.

To “allow the on-chain and off-chain worlds to work in perfect harmony,” as Moonsama puts it, a “Multiverse Bridge” is being developed.

Despite the odd sounding name of its $POOP coin, Raresama is an intriguing project worth learning more about. There is now only a limited 24hr volume of roughly $500k on StellaSwap and BeamSwap, where 50% of the 1 billion supply is advertised.

Even before it is listed on major markets, this is a project that will be interesting to follow.

4.Metaplex (MPLX)

Over the weekend, Metaplex, a Solana-based NFT system, released a massive airdrop to NFT producers who built on the blockchain, generating a great deal of buzz.

Although the price has dropped by about 10% since the token launch the night before to its current value of $0.76 at the time of writing, the project nevertheless drew over $4 million in volume after being listed on major exchanges including Huobi, KuCoin, Bybit, and FTX.


It is unclear how many tokens were distributed to holders, and the fact that US citizens were ineligible for the airdrop likely stems from regulatory concerns. Nevertheless, the growth of the coin in the coming days and weeks could be hampered by these two factors.

Nonetheless, the concept is still exciting, especially in light of the current surge in Solana NFTs.

Despite the fact that Ethereum-based NFTs can still incur substantial transaction (gas) fees upon purchase, high-profile projects like y00ts, DeGods, and ABC have drawn significant volume and liquidity.

Metaplex is a decentralized toolkit of smart contracts and other developer resources made to make it simpler for programmers to build NFT collections and other projects.

The project claims that as of the beginning of 2022, 19 million NFTs had been minted using the protocol, resulting in total sales of $3.4 billion, and it had attracted a massive $46 million in investment from the likes of NBA legend Michael Jordan and crypto heavyweights Alameda Research and Animoca Brnads.

With its maximum supply of 1 billion tokens, the MPLX token will serve as governance token through a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), giving token holders a voice in protocol-related decision-making.


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Bitzen.Space (BZEN)

Bitzen is a cryptocurrency program that incorporates Learn & Earn, Play to Earn, and Business to Earn features, all of which allow users to make money in the background.

Despite being built on Binance’s Smart Chain, BZEN is exclusively listed for trade on PancakeSwap and Bitmart at the moment. However, the token’s value has increased by about 20% since its debut, now sitting at $0.007 with a 24-hour trading volume of $4 million.

Although it has subsequently cooled off, the coin’s debut exchange listings attracted a lot of interest, leading to a weekend pump of 600% and the number one slot on DexTools.

Although the team has not been completely doxxed, the project has a sizable social media following, has passed the TokenSniffer smell test, and has been audited on PinkSale.

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