How BTCC Succeed With Futures Trading

When it comes to BTCC, many people’s first impression is that it is an old-brand exchange. In fact, BTCC has already been running for 9 years. While Bitcoin was born 11 years before. A lot of old and experienced crypto trader were accompanied by BTCC in early years, and growing all the way until BTCC becomes the world’s longest-running digital currency exchange.

BTCC is not only a predecessor in Bitcoin tradings, but also a leader in futures trading. The futures contract at BTCC was launched in January 2019, and one of the innovative products being launched is physical delivery perpetual contract. The BTC perpetual contract in the market at that time can only be delivered in cash, but BTCC has strong financial strength to make spot delivery for customers. BTCC also launched USDT-based contracts earlier than OKEx, supporting two-way tradings.

BTCC Strive for Excellence with its Insight into the Future

Unlike other exchanges that continue to list new cryptocurrencies, BTCC chooses to strive for excellence by focusing on improving products and trading experience. “”Many small cryptocurrencies do not have sufficient liquidity and are not suitable for futures trading”” DAN, the chief research officer of BTCC, mentioned in an interview, “”What traders need is a platform that can stably trade under the big market.”””

BTCC has accumulated rich technical experience in the digital currency industry, independently developed a trading system to ensure the security of user accounts, BTCC never has any security incident during its 9 years of operating history. When the big market comes, the depth can be guaranteed, and users can trade stably. At the same time, the team brings together top talents from traditional finance and digital currency fields to make the product more fair to users.

Providing Up to 150x Leverage to Meet the Needs of Day Traders

BTCC launched a 150x leveraged contract following its 9th anniversary. Dan, the chief research officer of BTCC, said that “leverage is just a tool for users to better allocate funds.” The introduction of 150x leverage meet the need of intraday trader and lowers the threshold for some users to participate in trading. On the basis of perpetual contracts and current week contracts, BTCC has added day contracts as the new product, allowing users in need to use leverage more efficiently without incurring overnight interest.

BTCC focuses on the mainstream cryptocurrency futures market with sufficient liquidity, and all innovations also revolve around the trading itself. In 2020, BTCC will continue to provide “safe and stable, unlimited depth, simple and fast” trading services. At the same time, it will continue to optimize the technology, interface experience, and develop new contract products that meet user trading needs.

From the developing trend of the entire industry, the cryptocurrency market will gradually be aligned with traditional finance, launching a variety of financial products to meet the needs of investors. After all, the long-term survival of cryptocurrencies requires new elements to be added. In the future, each exchange will develop its own products, it could be diversified cryptocurrency products or focusing on a single product. At that time, the influence of derivatives on spot prices will also increase, futures trading will become the mainstream.

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