BTCC Come Back With 9-Years Experience

BTCC was founded in June 2011 and got series A round in 2013. BTCC later moved to Hong Kong, the international financial center, and headquartered in England. The move mark the international expansion strategy of BTCC to provide stable, transparent and fair trading enviroment to investors worldwide.

In 2019, BTCC introduced the successful management experience of the international financial market into the field of cryptocurrency by launching the world’s first physical delivery perpetual contract.

What’s Special About Physical Delivery Perpetual Contract?

Each contract represents 1 unit of the cryptocurrency. (eg, for BTC/USDT contract, each contract represents 1 BTC. For EOS/USDT contract, each contract represents 1 EOS). Investors can Buy long or Sell short to profit from the rising or falling in price.

Quite often, USDT-based perpetual contract’s profit and loss are settled in USDT. The BTCC’s physical delivery perpetual contract offer physical settlement and cash settlement, where users can choose to settle profits in USDT, or choose physical delivery of the assets such as BTC and ETH.

What Does Physical Delivery Perpetual Contract Mean to a Cryptocurrency Exchange

The physical delivery perpetual contract at BTCC is backed by an actual cryptocurrency. Most of the investors use USDT to long buy or short sell BTC, it will minimize the fluctuation in price for cryptocurrency, especially when the price is falling.

Most of the investors prefer to trade BTC especially when the price is rising. Other crypto like ETH, you could choose have it physically delivered based on your preference. A cryptocurrency exchange which could` provide physical delivery indicates that the platform has huge resources of cryptocurrency deposit.

Why BTCC is the fairest cryptocurrency derivative trading platform?

BTCC index price integrates the spot prices of multiple mainstream exchanges with comprehensive quotations of BTCC global liquidity providers, the exchange’s index price avoid price manipulation from any exchange.

Physical delivery guarantees the authenticity of the contract price. If the contract price is far from the spot price, investors could choose physically delivery. Which also indicates that the contract price is always the same with the spot price. Besides, BTCC provides the best liquidity, even in extreme market conditions, BTCC also guarantee strong market depth, where large trades could be completed at the best price for investors.

Why Do Different Type of Trade are Choosing to Trade at BTCC?

BTCC provides the best experience for all types of investors. For the professional investors, BTCC provides a higher holding positions limit. With the best liquidity and market depth, we guarantee that large trades could be traded at the best price at any moment.

For the newbies, the treshold to trade in BTCC is very low. You could trade with only 0.01 lot (as 0.01 BTC contract value). According to the current BTC price. You could trade BTC with only 0.01 USDT, which greatly reduces the investors’ investment threshold.

BTCC also provides demo account. There is 10000 USDT in each demo account. Newbies could experience trading in demo account to explore more. For newbies with no experience, they could actually trade in demo account to understand more about futures contract.

BTCC provides 9 popular cryptocurrencies with highest leverage up to 150x. Greatly improve the investors’ utilization of funds. BTCC independently developed a professional trading system with multiple risk controls to ensure accounts’ safety. BTCC never has any security incident for 9 years. The advanced technology employed by BTCC ensure that the platform can guarantees stable operation and no internet disconnection under extreme market conditions.

With the continuous development and growth of the cryptocurrency industry, the industry’s systems and standards are also constantly being established and adjusted. Only exchange that truly cares for investors could survived.

As for the pioneer. BTCC comes back with new products, offering futures trading and new services. BTCC will keep on providing regulated and fair trading environment for all the investors.

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