How BTCC Become the Leading Example in Futures Trading

Introduction: Cryptocurrency exchange is one of the important role in the crypto industry. For anyone who come to the crypto space, as long as they have the need to trade, they cannot trade without the exchange. Cryptocurrency exchange is also best known as a “money machine”, there are many exchanges in the market right now, because everyone wants to get a share of this huge market.

Speaking of BTCC, newcomers may not know much about it. Most newcomers might only understand OKEx, Huobi or Binance, but for those who have been in the space for many years, BTCC is a memory for them. In September 4, 2017, BTCC stop operating due to policy change in Mainland China. BTCC used to be the king in the cryptocurrency exchange field. Now, BTCC has returned after nine years. Will the longest-running exchange bring any surprise to us?

BTCC background introduction

The nine years old exchange is best known for its stability, safety, and professionalism. BTCC has been acquired by the Hong Kong Blockchain Investment Fund. BTCC covers a wide range of fields, now the main direction is futures trading.”

At present, apart from top exchanges, there are a lot of changes for small to medium exchanges. For example, many users of FCoin have turn into victims as FCoin runs away. It is worth to know that FCoin is a highly ranked exchange in the second-tier platform.

The problem with these exchanges is that the foundation is not strong, choosing an exchange with a solid foundation is very important. At this point, BTCC is still the leading example, in terms of safety and durability. New Investor might not be familiar with BTCC, but it is only a matter of time before BTCC returning to the top.

The advantages of BTCC
At present, there are many trading platforms in the cryptos space, such as OKEX and BitMEX. Some traditional spot exchanges begin to make a move in the field of futures trading, such as Huobi, Binance, etc. If BTCC wants to achieve a breakthrough in this area, the exchange must have its own competitive advantage, now let us take a look below some of the reason why BTCC can return to the top!

First of all, BTCC launch the world’s first physical delivery perpetual contract, and BTCC is one of the few derivative exchanges that support physical delivery. The current trading platform that offer perpetual contract trading only support cash delivery. Bitcoin’s spot market and futures market form a mutually beneficial relationship, where such relationship could prevent exchanges from doing evil. Of course, physical delivery require high requirements based on the strength of the exchange. The famous exchange BAKKT adopts the model of physical delivery as well.

Secondly, the current exchanges seem to be pursuing “gorgeous functions”, as if the more complicated the functions, the more they can reflect the strength of the exchange. In fact, from the user’s point of view, the complex functions actually raise the threshold of use. The trading interface of BTCC is very simple and clear. For novices, our user interface will be more user-friendly.

When it comes to being friendly to new users, BTCC offer Demo trading where novice users can get started and familiar quickly with this new function, which will prepared them well for the actual futures trading.

BTCC provides a maximum leverage of 150x. Perpetual contracts support nine major cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, LTC, etc. The number of cryptocurrencies is not that many. The main reason is to ensure that the cryptocurrency have sufficient trading depth. Currently BTCC only supports futures trading, spot trading services are not provided.

When customers lose their money, most of the futures trading platforms will need you to pay back, this rule is very awful. Sometimes you need to pay extra money when you make a profit, but BTCC cancels this rule.

BTCC also made great efforts in technology. The futures trading itself is a very risky trading mode. Some traders may be familiar with severe system crashed, where there are some exchanges crash the system deliberately. Sometimes investors can only see their account being liquidated and cannot do anything about it. BTCC has made technical adjustments in response to these situations to ensure the depth of the market, as well as avoid any malicious event from happening, users can be assured to trade with confidence.

Another highlight after the return of BTCC is the strengthening of community building. An essay and a contract trading contest were organized by the Cailu community. The response was very good. The number of Weibo fans exceeded 70,000, and the number of comprehensive fans exceeded 200 thousands. BTCC also has a huge network with a lot of financial media.

Opportunities and challenges faced by BTCC
The cryptocurrency market can only be regarded as a niche market, compared with the traditional stock market, fund, foreign exchange, and other fields, the crypto market is very small, the established pattern we see now may not be able to maintain to the end. If BTCC seizes the opportunities, it may rise up quickly to the top.

Nowadays, investors suffer from the lack of a good platform and can only be forced to choose a poorer platform for trading. Traders are afraid to trade on small platforms, and If they go to large platforms, they are easy to fall victim to malicious manipulation. The return of BTCC has given new choice for the space. After all, there has never been a security incident for BTCC. This is a very good opportunity for BTCC. In terms of gaining existing users.

Conclusion: BTCC, as a former giant in the crypto industry, has a very high position in the space. This time BTCC are fully prepared for the return. I hope BTCC can return as the king, and expect to see a better BTCC!

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