How BTCC surpasses all the other trading platforms and makes history

“If you cannot make money in the leaders, you are not going to make money in the stock market.” – Jesse Livermore

Futures Contracts Become Mainstream Demand

In recent years, the demand for futures contract has increased. With the increase in size for cryptocurrency market, it has become increasingly diffcult for the price of cryptocurrency to surge, and doubling in price would be very diffcult in today’s market. However, in the futures market, it is possible to have ten-fold, hundred-fold, or even thousand-fold profits.

It is Extremely Important to Choose an Excellent Cryptocurrency Trading Platform.

Forced liquidation has often take place in a lot of cryptocurrency trading platforms due to system crash. Manipulation also has become a commonplace in the industry. BTCC stand firm and excel in number of key areas including market depth, price protection and server health. Even during the time of extreme market condition, BTCC has never experience any system crash. It is BTCC’s honor to have our investors trading in our platform without any worries.

The strong market depth at BTCC guarantee no slippage would happen when you open/close position. Some trading platforms might manipulate the market depth. For example, investors may have made a profit of 100 dollars in the first place, but after they decided to close the position, they may only get 60 or even 50 dollars, which is only half of the actual profit.

Funding rate is another important factor to look for. We have received feedbacks that the funding rate of perpetual contract is too high. For example, the commission fee not only deducts the profits, but also the principal balance when market volatility occur.

Most of the cryptocurrency trading platforms use floating rates, while BTCC uses fixed interest rate, which has no funding rates. The interest is calculated once a day, and the fund rate is calculated 3 times a day. When the market fluctuates greatly, the fixed interest rate adopted by BTCC become an obvious advantage.

As the cryptocurrency derivative market has grown, BTCC’s futures contract was officially live in January, 2019. The daily trading volume has exceeded RMB1 billion the first day when futures contract go live. Moreover, BTCC also launched the world’s first deliverable perpetual contract, and the highest daily trading volumn has exceeded 1.2 billion USDT.”

Apart from building our brand loyalty over many years. BTCC also make a huge effort for products. For example, we provides 3 versions of apps: computer versoin, app version and the web version. 3 versions above are user-friendly and offer a very smooth trading experience. You could choose the version that suit your own needs.

BTCC Provides Two Types of Futures Contract:

1.Perpetual contract: BTC、ETH、EOS、LTC、BCH、DASH、XLM、ADA、XRP

2.Weekly contract: BTC、ETH、EOS、LTC、BCH

Besides focusing on the products, BTCC also take steps to make sure every investor could trade safely on the platform, BTCC ensures that you never have to share the loss of other investors by fully cover user’s negative balance rather than let all profiting users or foced liquidated users to share the losses. Moreover, BTCC has never experience any security incident throughout 9 years of its operating history. These are the reasons why BTCC has quickly gain support from investors all over the world.

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