Increase of BTCC’s users and remains stable

Derivatives trading has become an important part of the whole cryptocurrency market. Even during the time when the market turn bearish, futures contract still remains popular. It’s hard to profit if you trade in the spot market at the time of bear market. However, it is opposite if you trade futures contract. You could profit by either open long or short position. Some investors are scared of futures contract due to its asscoiatted high risk. However, if you trade properly, you could profit a lot with a little bit of money.

OKEX as one of the leading exchange in the industry has been surrounded by negative news over the years. Even Binance got negative feedbacks because of its severe system crashed. Some of the reasons that investors are lossing money is the diffculty in deposit money to avoid liquidation and etc. These reasons are often have to do with the trading platform itself. It has becoming obvious that the situation has to be changed. BTCC is the trading platform who strives to make a difference.

BTCC launched the world’s first deliverable perpetual contract, which mark a historical milestone in the cryptocurrency industry. Most of the exchanges only offer cash-settled contracts. If an exchange wants to launch physical delivery contract, it must have enough asset to back it up. BTCC has been operating for many years, and its stability and resource are some of the reasons why BTCC could launched the physical delivery contract.

BTCC as one of the world’s longest-running cryptocurrency exchanges, the oldest exchange never has a single security incident, which is very rare in the cryptocurrency industry. Even top three trading platforms in the industry have run into some security issues in the past. For example, Binance has been hacked several times every year. BTCC is proud that investors can trade at the platform without any worry. If BTCC has any security problems, it would not be possible for the nine years old exchange to survive till today.

Another huge advantage of BTCC is “0 Socialized Losses”, which means you don’t have to share other investors’ losses. A lot of famous platforms have the mechanism of sharing debt position expenses.

BTCC strives to build a fair cryptocurrency market. with its very strong risk control system. Users who want to manipulate the market will be dealt with severely by BTCC once they are detected by the system. However, there are some exchanges out there that will line up with large investors for manipulation. Normal investors have no ability to avoid being a victim of manipulation. Even some of the investors don’t realized that they are already being manipulated. Such malicious behaviour will never happened in BTCC.

BTCC also provides demo account, which is very newbie-friendly. I think all of you have played demo stock trading before.

Below are Reason Why BTCC can Survived Till Now

BTCC adapt to the market change quickly, and gave up on spot trading and focused on futures trading instead. Although BTCC could provide spot trading if we want, but we want to focus our energy on becoming a leading example in the field of futures contract.

BTCC always strives to build a fair, transparent, and friendly cryptocurrency market, which is the core of our philosophy and it will never be changed. That is also one of the reasons why after so many years, our customers still remain with us.

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