A Good Bitfinex Alternative – BTCC Crypto Futures Trading Platform

At BTCC.com, speculators have access to a platform enabling them to deal with Crypto-Futures.

In simpler words, futures contracts are agreements where the buying or the selling of an asset in question takes place at later dates and for fixed prices.

Well, futures trading has always been there, and it’s only in 2017 that BTCC added this opportunity for traders to take advantage of the growing interests and investments within the crypto-verse.

In the simplest technical explanation, Bitcoin and other crypto-futures help you lock profits when you have active contracts and price volatility flow as you per your speculation.

Within ordinary forex trading, futures appear to correspond to what is precisely the concept with buy-stops and sell stops. It works big in Forex, and BTCC opens you a similar but magnificent opportunity if you are a smart predictor.

Why Consider Future Contracts?

Holding digital assets is risky on one vulnerable front: the sudden and unpredictable rises and falls in the value, and by extension, the price.

Get it correct: Smart traders do not fear risks. They are risk lovers! What matters most is the mechanisms you’ve put in place to protect your value within the risky environments. For your information, there’s no business out there with 100% certainty.  On an important note, trading has to deal with every other risk.

One smart tool to help you stay onboard is hedging – otherwise, planning to counter risks in price actions whenever they face you in reality. Hedging benefits you by mitigating adversities from the price movements – ensuring you do not watch price action with certainty while you are already out of the money.

Smart Speculations with BTCC

Cryptocurrency futures allow you a rare chance to trail the bears and bull markets. The fact is, whenever digital-asset prices go up, they’ll come down at one point or the other. 

Smart speculators work with that in mind – taming the greed and waiting for a trend reversal. When markets hit hard, either bears or bulls, it’s your opportunity to cash in depending on the trend reversals. And the smartest way is to have an account and a bit of speculating masterly.

Here’s Why You Should Count on BTCC platform for Crypto-Futures Products

1. First, BTCC is the World’s longest crypto-exchange still afloat and vibrantly thriving. Most people say businesses die within the first half of a decade. At BTCC, we are almost scoring a ten-year/Aluminium anniversary. Just one year to go!

2.      Second, BTCC is not just a name. Behind it is a record of 9 solid Years of great, incremental, and Secure History. Thats is a fantastic score, bearing in mind that cryptocurrencies have been called bubbles, with significant scam s all over. It’s the scamming and fraudulent ICOs that triggered the crackdown by global authorities.  The valuable selling point with BTCC has been the platform security. And, by consequence, the value for stakeholders within a real context of the crypto-sphere.

3.       Genuine pricing models with a firm bolstering with transparency. The fact is that transparency helps businesses keep customers for life.  Global liquidity also requires timely and ready platforms/channels systems in place, and that’s where BTCC helps fill in the missing gaps.

4.      Beneficial margin leverage anchors on crucial value propositions. With BTCC, traders are allowed with low margin, yet the staking threshold leveraged to as high as 150X. It’s a rare advantage, with most actors falling below the 100X for leverage.

5.      Excellent user experience, right from a multi-language approach for the platform. A global score perfect for international appeal. That borrows heavily from system security – with no significant flaws ever. Also, this is another rare achievement where BTCC has scored big.

6.      Lastly, and not the least on the scale, BTCC is great at KYC protocols. In simpler terms, it’s reaffirming the record-breaking overarching aspiration of crypto-blockchain products – freedom from censures and the right to anonymity.

Do your first crypto futures trading on BTCC today. The deposit is as low as 0.5 USDT. And if your first deposit is over 500 USDT, you will get up to 2,000 USDT bonus.

Why Open Accounts with BTCC in Place of Bitfinex for Crypto-Futures Trading

There are many concrete reasons why registering with BTCC is worth more in comparison to Bitfinex. And on the first note, BTCC has more credible mentions than Bitfinex. Look at some below:

If you look at social media outreach, BTCC scores more outlets than Bitfinex. In the current global standards with outreach, the more, the better. One point especially where Bitfinex has let down their guard is with YouTube and Medium – these are two outlets you may not underestimate in terms of ability to reach out, share values and attract the right cohorts of speculators.



Languages of access

BTCC reaches out to users with a cohort of six languages against the Bitfinex, which has 4. From a global perspective, you’ll find that the coverage in terms of languages means so much in opportunity gain or loss.



Promotions and Referrals

Businesses with a value chain for customers ensure maximum value ends up with the stakeholders. The variable that matters is the end-benefit that benefits customers. BTCC reaches out to you with a handful of goodies:

  • Opportunity to earn hefty bonuses upon opening and recharge of accounts.
  • Hefty bonuses  for onboarding others by way of referrals
  • And writing contests.

On similar planes, Bitfinex scores lower with an affiliate program alone.



Portal Friendliness

Looking at the portals of BTCC and Bitfinex, you can get the feel that BTCC is more user-oriented.  And the overarching issue amounts to user-friendliness, which is backed by system security. Of course, when it comes to the entire crypto-sphere, lapses in systems’ safety are a non-negotiable aspect.



Experience and Time Scores

BTCC comes a year ahead- founded in 2011 while Bitfinex is a year late (2012). The one year difference in launching and rolling out means a lot, especially within the light that 2009 was the actual year when the Bitcoin blockchain rolled out.



A brief guide on how to use BTCC to trade crypto futures contracts

Opening an account with BTCC is among the easiest across all platforms.  Our platform is listed among those scoring best when it comes to the KYC protocols.

There are two options to verify your account, either email or via mobile phones. In case of any hitches, BTCC has a standby team to help you out.

In case you are away (Which often happens in our daily lives) from a comfortable PC or laptop – you can download and login to your account-portal via apps – either Android or iOS.

Scanning allows you more flexibility without compromising on the security features of both system and client account safety.

Do your first crypto futures trading on BTCC today. The deposit is as low as 0.5 USDT. And if your first deposit is over 500 USDT, you will get up to 2,000 USDT bonus.

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