Deposit to Grab Up to 2000 USDT




Activity period: 00:00:00 on 1 Jan., 2021 to 23:59:59 on 31 Jan. 2021

Validity period for trading bonus: From registration to 23:59:59 on 28 Fed. 2021



1. Register and deposit at least 500 USDT

2. Contact online customer service or email with your BTCC account to to register

3. Receive up to 2000 USDT

4. One lot of BTC trading will unlock withdrawable 1 USDT bonus




After the deposit is successful, the bonus will be sent to the account within 1-2 working days and can be used for trading purposes.

Only the number of closed positions will be counted.




Leo make a first deposit of 5000 USDT into his account and he will have a total of 6000 USDT as tradable funds. If he completed 200 lot of BTC perpetual contracts, 300 lot of BTC weekly contracts, and 200 lot of BTC daily contracts. Then Leo is eligible to unlock a total of 200*1 + 300*1 + 200*1 = 700 USDT from the deposit bonus and withdraw the fund.




1. After the first deposit, user needs to contact customer service within 7 days (including the day of depositing) to participate in the event. Failure to contact or contact overdue will be deemed to have given up the eligibility for the event.


2. The number of trading lots is only calculated for BTCUSDT perpetual contract, BTCUSDT weekly contract, and BTCUSDT daily contract, other trading products will not be included for the time being.


3. During the event period, if you request an early withdrawal before completing the trading number, it will be deemed to have waived the eligibility for the event, you need to contact customer service for event settlement, and the non-withdrawable bonus will be deducted (please make sure that the margin in the account is still sufficient after the bonus is deducted).


4. During the trading, if the withdrawal conditions are met and withdrawal is required, please contact customer service for settlement activities.


5. The bonus settlement time is 05:00 in the morning every day. BTCC will settle all applications for users and will be completed on the next working day. If the settlement is made before the end of the trading validity period, the non-withdrawable part of the bonus will be deducted.


6. If malicious hedging or misuse of bonuses is found, BTCC will ban the account.


7. BTCC reserves the right to revise, suspend, terminate this event, and any related rules and terms at any time and the right to interpret it.