NFTEthereum EulerBeats Enigma (EBEATS)
 EulerBeats Enigma (EBEATS)

EulerBeats Enigma (EBEATS)

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Floor price 2.250000 ETH
Total trading volume 121.50 ETH
24h trading volume 0.000000 ETH

What is EulerBeats Enigma?

EulerBeats Enigma (EBEATS) is an NFT collection. EulerBeats Enigma (EBEATS) price floor today is $3,718.90, with a 24 hour sales volume of 0.0 ETH. As of today, there is a total of 54 NFTs minted, held by 98 unique owners, and has a total market cap of $200,820.58.

Imagine music as mathematical art on an NFT substrate. This is EulerBeats. The Euler Record is a limited edition set of algorithmically generated art + music based on the Euler number and the Euler-Totient function. EulerBeats Enigma originals are ultra scarce NFTs and are capped at 27 - completing the other side of the EulerBeats record. Each Print has a value backed by Eth on a bonding curve. Check on the current value of each Print before transacting on OpenSea. THE PURCHASE AND SALE OF THIS NFT IS SUBJECT TO TERMS AND CONDITIONS, AVAILABLE HERE:

Where to buy EulerBeats Enigma NFT?

You can buy and sell EulerBeats Enigma (EBEATS) on OpenSea.

How many EulerBeats Enigma NFTs are there?

There is a total of 54 unique NFTs in the EulerBeats Enigma collection.

How many holders are collecting the EulerBeats Enigma NFT?

There is a total 98 unique addresses that are holding the EBEATS NFT.

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