MarketsAlitasUSD Price

AlitasUSD Price

About USD Alitas/ALT

The below widget provides real-time data of ALT USD, including market capitalisation, trading volume, daily, weekly and monthly price change, and total supply.By default, the price of Alitas is quoted in USD. Users can easily convert the currency to CNY, TWD, JPY, KRW etc.


DAY+7.32 %

WEEK+54.22 %

MONTH+188.06 %

Market Cap$65.864M

24h Volume$16.146K

Circulating Amount$1.00B

USD Alitas/ALT Historical Prices

This section shows the price history of Alitas/ALT. Users can view the price history of the crypto by selecting the desired period. The available information includes the date, price, trading volume, and price change. The date indicates the date of that historical price; the price refers to the USD price of that day; the trading volume is the volume of transactions of that day; the price change indicates the daily price movement of the cryptocurrency.
DatePriceTrading VolumePrice Change
2024年02月24日$0.53549190$37.613K-41.53 %
2024年02月23日$0.57996323$64.329K+65.15 %
2024年02月22日$0.56699601$38.952K-62.24 %
2024年02月21日$0.55534899$103.158K+299.01 %
2024年02月20日$0.48439728$25.853K-33.96 %
2024年02月19日$0.36220659$39.15K-23.02 %
2024年02月18日$0.34923771$50.86K+156.49 %

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